One hug

The crisp paper crackles
sending a frisson up my spine
the familiar sprawled letters bring back memories
I had pushed in the recess beyond recollection

the imagined fragrance takes me to the doorway of past
I hesitate at the threshold,
hovering. The staircase of longing beckons

destined to live apart, we had blazed briefly together
toying with fiery passion
and then treading the path chosen for us

in the twilight of a predictable life
ripples threaten to rock the anchored boat
yet I give in to temptation without demur

as he strides towards me with his eyes twinkling
I rush forward and embrace him
unmindful of the people milling around

there will be no more tomorrows for our togetherness
this one hug will be enough to colour my monotone dreams;
enough to live by.


52 thoughts on “One hug

  1. Love your poem Punam. You captured the moment beautifully.❣️
    Some tomorrows are sadder because the yesterdays were sweeter.

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  2. Just one special hug is enough to last a lifetime. We don’t need to be close to people to be in love. The pandemic has taught a lot actually about how to be physically distant yet mentally connected. This piece has been amazingly put! Beautiful.



  3. This one for the live reading if I may…where we must choose someone else’s poem to read. I might like other verses of yours for many other reasons, but this just catches something rare and real.


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