Gratitude Post

When the heart is too full it becomes contemplative. I have been reflecting on the writing process and its repercussions. Writing is a very solitary activity. But once it is finished, it is the readers who make it truly complete and interactive. Each written piece speaks in a different tongue to different readers. That is the beauty of the written word. We are all here because we seek validation, we want others to read us otherwise we would all have been content with filling our journals.
I started the blogging journey as a birthday gift to a childhood friend exactly three years ago. But it is in January last year that I started writing daily in response to the Daily Prompts. And that was the beginning of forming bonds with fellow bloggers.
I have learnt so much, I am in awe of so many of you and have formed such beautiful bonds but above all, I am so grateful to each one of you who visits, likes or comments on my blog. Believe me, I am touched beyond words that you find time to do so.
I try to visit as many blogs as possible but I am woefully behind at times. Please know that I love what you write and like to savour each piece of writing from poetry to fiction, from fun write-ups to thought-provoking ones, from music to photography and so on and though I may be late, I try not to miss.
Just wanted to thank each one of you for being kind, supportive, encouraging and generous. I am blessed to have you all in my life.


Never mine

If ever you decide to go

Do so, ever so gently

There is no point in delaying the inevitable

Let it be done kindly

If there is nothing to salvage

Don’t linger indefinitely

Don’t leave me when I am weak and frail

I don’t want to beg pitifully

I know how to fight for what is mine

But if you are going, you were never mine completely.

You and me

I fold and tuck your love

in between my heartbeats

keeping it safe from prying eyes

it courses through my veins

a pulsating sweet ache

the words you leave by my pillow

whisper intoxicating secrets

this love makes me so complete

but I can’t go tomtoming around
the town

I am a bit old-fashioned, you see

its just between you and me

and I like to keep it that way.

Stepping back

It was just

a friendly gesture

reaching out

to the newcomer

across the fence

to say hello

but in my rush

I stomped over

the exotic flower

I had so lovingly


my garden is

more important

than anything else

so I focus my attention

on what I have

and bid goodbye

to forging new relations.