Just being

Picture courtesy New York Post

Blooming like a hibiscus
gentle sunlight caresses my upturned face
bestowing me with honeyed warmth
melting away melancholic maelstrom
and in that moment of solitude and quiet
I feel blessed.

At night I water stars with my tears
moon silently sits with me
keeping vigil with me in sorority
throughout the turbulent times
her presence; a cold compress to my fevered feelings
I feel not alone.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Ingrid, has asked us to write about a special gift we may have received or write a poem of gratitude.


Tomorrow (a haibun)

No portentous clouds loomed on the horizon at the dawn of 2021. In fact, the first day of the year dawned sunny and bright, promising to be better than the previous one. But things started going downhill pretty soon and in its passage, the year, left lives and livelihoods in ruins.
As the year drew to a close, there wasn’t much to celebrate but being alive and together as a family, filled us with immense gratitude. A quiet, home-cooked, wholesome dinner, with favourite music in the background and bantering kids; I feel blessed! 2022 will find it difficult to emerge from the long shadows cast by the preceding year yet life is all about living with hope.

Four solemn faces
anticipation in eyes
whither tomorrow?

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Li, says: Your challenge today, if you choose to accept it, is to write a haibun about this year’s holiday celebrations.

Little things

Little things bless me everyday
a teen chest moving rhythmically
throughout the night
a sleepyhead’s scowl brightening my morn
a quick, warm cuddle before I leave the bed
dawn’s fingers caressing me with warmth
the sound of temple bells*, gurbani** and adhan*** co-mingling
fresh aroma of tea brewing filling my senses
the pride with which this lil tomato makes my heart swell
usual chores that keep me busy all day
a phone call that confirms mom is alright
light banter with friends through messaging apps
kind words left by accomplished poets
on my homely verses
blessed is my day when at dusk
I watch birds flocking back to their nests
clear nights fill me with gratitude
when with my namesake
I sit in companionable silence
’tis always the little things
that brighten my day and bring joy
big knock-me-down good news
don’t knock at my door any more.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Grace says: write a response poem to David Whyte’s Blessing for Light and Blessing for Sound poems.

*temple bells: the sound of the bell is considered auspicious which welcomes divinity and dispels evil. The sound of the bell is said to disengage mind from ongoing thoughts thus making the mind more receptive. Bell ringing during prayer is said to help in controlling the ever wandering mind and focusing on the deity.

**gurbani: it is a Sikh term, very commonly used by Sikhs to refer to various compositions by the Sikh Gurus and other writers of Guru Granth Sahib, their holy book.

***adhan: the Arabic word adhan means “to listen.” It is the call for prayer which is used to notify the muslims about prayer time. The five compulsory prayers which are supposed to be observed by every muslim, everyday, form the second pillar of Islam.