Your Journey

Journeys are strange

Taking you to places far and near

Places that make you smile

And to those that make you shiver too!

The destination is not oft of your choice

Nor the path always paved and lined

It may be smooth and fast or bumpy and slow

Uphill one day, a long arduous walk

Once there, the feeling of euphoria

And accomplishment unbeatable.

Then on another day, plunging downhill

Deep, deep down into a dark dungeon

Holding you prisoner

Where demons feast on your festering soul

And surrendering to oblivion

Seems the only solution

But then you fight back

For, for how long can one lie in an abyss

The only way is up and out
You crawl on all fours

A step at a time

Till you are standing in the sun

Your whole being suffused with triumph!

You cannot always choose who travels with you

If you are lucky,

Like-minded companions will be there for the entire journey

Some, like a spark will brighten your path for a short while

Others in guise of love

Will leave you bleeding

And there will be those trying to suck life out of you like leeches

Choose them wisely when given a choice

Don’t be afraid to turn your back on a few

Cheerleaders and naysayers will line your path

Treat them equally.

Don’t be too focused on your destination

Enjoy the journey and stop often

It is not a race, always remember.

When you lie under the canopy of stars

And chat with the moon

Journey inwards too

You will find answers to questions

You never dared to ask

And some questions may never be answered

Fret not, life is not an exam.

When you travel light,

Without the extra baggage of expectations

This journey will truly be worth its while!


My Gift for You

In response to Singledust’s Spread the Joy Week: Go Dog Go Cafe :

I am rummaging through my box of gifts

Looking for that perfect one

One that will please one and all

One that they will truly cherish

Alas! I find not a single one

That can truly fit the bill

Having exhausted all the options

I sit here with my words as gifts

They are the only thing I can freely give

They come from a very special place

That thing that is called heart

It may be as small as a closed fist

But when open, can encompass all.

I offer my words to make you smile

To forget your worries awhile

They are there to lean on

As well as to hold your hand

To wipe away a threatening tear

Or to help you cry your heart out

Sometimes as sweet as a cake

Sometimes the welcoming bitterness of coffee

Mostly sunny and vibrant

Oft touched by moon’s soft glow

Lush in the monsoon rain that falls

But sometimes reflecting the darkened skies

They make you guffaw aloud

When they make my foot neatly land in my mouth

And also wince at my stupidity

When I am careless with them

They can be as soothing as music

As warm as a down quilt

As breezy as the light zephyr

And at times like the jacket you so love.

I do take time to carefully choose them

But I also falter at times

They can come so spontaneously

They can be well thought out

My dear friends, my words I offer humbly

To embrace you, energise you and touch you

For words are all I have.



The remark is personal and caustic

I can feel the constricting of my throat

Not wanting to create a scene in public

I blink away the tears and choke back the angry retort.

With a forced self-deprecating remark

And a shrug of shoulders, I laugh.

I have been trying to set things right

But the family ties that bind us as siblings,

Are the same ones that gag me tight.

As a kid I adored my older sibling,

Her every move I would ape

She was my hero, my mentor, I her underling

And she lorded over my mindscape.

As I grew older and wiser

I moved out of her shadow

Following my own heart and mind

As a result, her ego took a blow.

I could see the chinks in my idol

Though she could not accept that her understudy

Was not an understudy at all.

And that drove a wedge between us

That time has only deepened further more.

She tries to put me in my place

And pulls me back every time I try to soar.

Oh, we love each other like any sisters

But the undercurrent of jealousy refuses to go.

So, from my clothes to the way I keep house,

My visits to parents to anything and everything I do ever

The way I bring up my kids to my relation with spouse

Nothing escapes criticism or eagle-eyes of her.

It is not her words that cause me pain

Or that she does not rejoice in my success

It is the fact that my own flesh and blood

Rather seems to enjoy my troubles and distress.

And yet all said and done

Because blood does run thicker than water

To the world we present a united front

In public, at least, I agree with her.


The remark was not personal or caustic

But she turned around with her smile arctic

I had made a joke laughingly in light jest,

But she retorted icily in a tone so dulcet

Had we been younger,

I would have cuffed her ear

I am the elder child of the family

I love to remind it to her daily

She will always have to follow my footsteps,

This burden she will have to schlep

I can’t help if my persona looms large over her

I arrived in this world before her

This is the truth for what it’s worth

I’ve been given the upper hand from birth.

She mistakes my concern for interference

Fumes in anger, so palpable is her incoherence

Heavens, why should I be jealous of her!

After all she is my baby sister!

Well, I admit she has better hair and skin than me

I may have been jealous earlier, now I let it be

She has not inherited the beaked nose from father’s side

Nor the horrible ailments from both sides

So all I do is remind her of her good luck

And the fool thinks that I hate her guts!

I have to correct her when she goes wrong

After all, I have known her lifelong!

I don’t know why she takes offence

She should actually thank me instead

Well, she is my sibling young

And we have to present united front

Yes, I admit she has been luckier than me

Still, we are blood sisters, you see.

These poems were written sometime ago after conversations with two friends on the same day. One was complaining about her elder sister, the other about the younger one. So two poems, two perspectives.

Lost Verses

Some words had lost their way

Allured by moonlit nights

Meandering into pleasurable diversions

Enamoured with the distant skies

Frolicking with joy

Lulled by their surroundings

They forgot to string verses

That they were always meant to do.

It happens…

Sometimes some words sit in a corner

Sulking and brooding

Refusing to be engaged

Many a times they play hookey

Like gleeful schoolkids

Relishing what’s forbidden

At other times words fall into deep, dark crevices

Finding tenebrosity soothing

And are too jaded, enervated

To start the arduous climb back

Then one fine day out of sheer will to be heard

They all slowly, inchingly find their way back

To be reunited with the rest

And flow again, as verses.