Blood moon

Cumulous clouds casually claim the pewter skies
haze hangs around the horizon aimlessly
stars sulkily scatter haphazardly
all conspiring to delay the moon rise sighting

Dressed in glorious berry red
hands decorated with henna
her melodic eyes filled with untold stories
she awaits for a glance of the traveller
too aware of the heavens’ mischief making

Finally the blood moon makes an appearance
matching her attire and her wan smile
both following the path laid for them
unquestioning, unflinching
soul sisters sharing stories at night.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, has asked us to write a moony poem inspired by the various names of the moon for the month of October. I have also used some words from Jane’s random word generator.

Last week, in India Karwa chauth was celebrated( inspiring this poem). You can read about it here.


Lunar decline

“Yes, in the predawn black the slim slip of the waning moon.”
                      Jim Harrison

At night my terrors are watered by my tears
every passing second diminishing me
I know not what the dawn will bring
the fire that fed on the familiar wood
is now all but a mere shadow
along the bare willow boughs, wind sighs softly
am pared beyond recognition
my breath is slow tortured release
the fire-folk I relied upon for company
have all left. Leaving my slim sliver self shivering
I want to shine fiercely like a flame
does before being extinguished. The predawn black
promises the pinkest dawn in its wake
my destiny is to wane quietly.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Linda, says: So today I am sharing with you lines from eight different pieces in the book Songs of Unreason. The challenge is to pick one line and use it as an epigraph for a poem inspired by the line. You may write your poem in any form you wish.

Night magic

After a day of fiercely staring at the earth

the sun tiredly sinks down the horizon

Luna yawns and fumbles to wakefulness

emerging from behind a curtain of wispy clouds

she gently shoos them away to reclaim her space

Rearranging the gown of darkness to amplify her glow

she calls to order the unruly glittering glowworms

As they fall in place, the orris orb owns the sky wholly again

Her limpid, luminous light shimmers with a gleam of platinum

Lying languidly on the inspired carpet of cobalt blue

deviating from the usual transcript, in keeping with her

magical, misty, moody and mercurial nature, the moon gets mischievous

sprinkling her fairy dust, calling young lovers nigh

She stretches delicately, extending fingers of moonbeams

her silver tendrils entwining their nubile souls

Satisfied with her successful shenanigans

she winks conspiratorially at her coruscating comrades

then retires gracefully to cede place to the sun.