The morning air

The garden was sweet and fresh after the rain 

Not yet a fierce blue of noon 

There was not a cloud in the sky 

The flowers were half-asleep, roses dew-crumpled 

She sat in a garden chair by the side of the lawn 

We ate breakfast out in the garden 

The light on her face was very becoming 

A clear milky opal 

He blushed with delight

Of Human Bondage (pg 144)
My Family and Other Animals (pg 41)

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Laura, has asked us to:

Choose TWO books of prose

Pick ONE page from each

Extract SHORT LINES from each page*

ALTERNATE them to make a poem

Use italics and plain font to differentiate the text sources

Use one of the source lines or a combination as TITLE

*short lines mean you are not taking too much from the source in plagiarism


Just being

Picture courtesy New York Post

Blooming like a hibiscus
gentle sunlight caresses my upturned face
bestowing me with honeyed warmth
melting away melancholic maelstrom
and in that moment of solitude and quiet
I feel blessed.

At night I water stars with my tears
moon silently sits with me
keeping vigil with me in sorority
throughout the turbulent times
her presence; a cold compress to my fevered feelings
I feel not alone.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Ingrid, has asked us to write about a special gift we may have received or write a poem of gratitude.

Starry-eyed no more ( a quadrille)

Promised a star-spangled life, I floated dreamily
at dusk memories twinkled merrily like stars
but nefarious moon showed her dark side
her littered paraphernalia leaves welts on my heart
looking ahead for signs of life beyond stardust
(starry-eyed no more), I brace for dawn.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, De has asked us to write a quadrille which must have the word star.

Urban blunder

Getty images

Glitzy malls sparkle
high-rise towers graze  the sky
cheeky slums mushroom
dotting dark underbelly
traffic crawls in urban sprawl

No revelation
soulless bodies’ endless rush
as hazy dusk falls
garish neon lights gyrate
welcome to concrete jungle!

Written for David’s W3 to Jaideep’s prompt ( a tanka using the phrase ‘concrete jungle’ and use personification) and for Eugi’s moonwashed weekly prompt.

Begin again

1. Petulantly biting my tongue
I sit on the sidelines, as
you spread wings.
I am learning, wings have other uses too.

2.  Every evening dust settles contentedly
on haphazardly piled stuff.
every night
I realign life, preparing to face dawn.

3. Whenever joy comes knocking at the door
I let go of a past grievance,
making place
for more, in the space allotted to me.

4. Disconnecting from the world
I can feel chaos swirling around my toes
calming self
I embrace my incongruities.

5. As I watch the tiny blossom
my heart sings an unheard melody.
at the wee wonder, time stops too!

Written for dVerse poetics. Today I am the host and we are writing on resolutions.