Her heart was going pit-a-pat

Beads of perspiration ran down her spine

Her palms were clammy

Her feet leaden

But now there was no turning back

As she stepped forward

A bloodcurdling scream escaped her lips

Pandemonium reigned all around

The weight of her costume had toppled her

She lay flat on her face on the stage

Such an inglorious, ignominious debut

Had left her red-faced for life.

Lessons for Life

It’s funny how this life

Which has a finite end

May seem endless at various junctures

For some it is an endless quest for truth

Seeking answers to questions

That boggle their mind

There are others for whom it is a constant struggle

To make peace with the demons that plague their mind

For most of us it is full of endless surprises

Some pleasant, some unfortunate

But most which throw plans in a disarray

Forcing us to plan anew

I look upon this journey as an endless learning cycle

Learning to love, lose, let go and love again

Accept with equanimity whatever comes my way

And what stays with me is the fact

Everyday we are given endless opportunities

To make sense of what has been handed to us

If only we would make use of some.

Day 31: Endless



Rivulets of sweat streamed down his face

He was woken up by a noise

In the dead of the night

He sat upright on his bed

Clutching the sheet to his chest

He was praying fervently

When he heard the sound again

Mustering courage

He gingerly placed his feet on the floor

Picked the heavy vase from the night stand

And with accelerated heartbeats

Filled with untold dread

Stepped into the living room

There sprawled in the centre of the room

Was his sister crunching and munching

On a bag of chips!

Dancing on Moon

Up, up and away

Today is certainly my day

I have let go of my worries

And all of destiny’s furies

Shaking off the mental shackles

Letting go of anything that rankles

Loosening those gagging emotional ties

I am done with half truths and lies

Freeing my soul of craven captivity

Unleashing unbridled creativity

Lighter and happier than ever before

I spread my wings and soar

I am over the proverbial moon

Waltzing to my own happy tune!

Day 30: Dancing on moon



Bestowed ever so lovingly by dad

It was given to me without much fanfare

But as is the tradition in our family

A quirky nickname too was foisted on me

(that story is for another day!)

And that has stuck all this while

To family and close friends

I am that

The given name ; for official use

And shortened and lovingly

Mangled by school and college friends

Barked out by teachers

When I was in a spot of trouble

And that was that!

Then you walked into my life

Using it hesitatingly at first

And then completely owning me with it

A man of few words

My name on your lips

Is a barometer of your love

From morn till night

You repeat it like an invocation

And over time I have come to read

Hidden nuances in it

The day I don’t hear it much

I know you are upset

I’ve come to love it more than

Anyone can love their own name

It is a one word senryu as well as love sonnet

When you utter my name.

Split Wide Open

How many times it has happened

Faced by choices

Have wondered which way to go

Sometimes it is easy

And no logic is required

To drive the point home

At others, one has to prioritize

So that the right decision is made

The tussle between the heart and the mind

Though may fill one with angst

Can still be resolved

But there are those times

Times of moral dilemmas

When one doesn’t know which path to take

Being split wide open

Right through the middle

Like walking on the tight rope of
Ethical paradox

The schism causing

Great consternation

And a meltdown.

Day 28: Split in two