The enemy within

The odour of fear is sickly sweet

it oozes out of sweat pores

covering the body in pusillanimous goop

attracting the life force sucking vampires

in the guise of self doubt and low self esteem

feeding with frenzy till no remnant of self is left

which illustrates the fact

we are our own worst enemy.


Beyond the stars

The earthly endeavours keep us too busy

you are tied to your job, I, to housekeeping

the everyday ordinariness robs magic

from what was supposed to be

a life of tempests, sublimity and passions

ennui was never a part of the promises we made

so I have taken upon myself

to book us at the astral camp

where we can move beyond the prosaic

to something that truly embodies

what we mean to each other.


I have felt love

it is like a whiplash

across the heart

making it beat

ever so fast

then it ensconces

in an embrace so warm

I have touched love

it is like touching

a live wire emitting sparks

it electrifies

and makes dance

every nerve ending

raising goosebumps

with its tenderness

I have tasted love

sweet and sour

like a tangerine

sometimes with

a bitter aftertaste

it leaves me satiated

but hungry all the same

wanting for more

But you, my dear,

play with love

toying with it

and then discarding

it with disdain

like a bored child

throws away a toy

its newness worn out.

Blast from the past

The wanton ghosts from the past are incorrigible

they always arrive unannounced

giving me no time to prepare

to arm myself with indifference

to not let them touch or jostle me

to disallow their very existence

they are fleet-footed and agile

occupying every inch of my mind space

hectoring and tormenting simultaneously

when they finally leave, after toying with me

I am in an even greater mess than I usually am!

Unwelcome thoughts

I dislike the sun that peeps

through the porthole to caress you awake

I am jealous of the breeze that ruffles

your hair as you stand on the deck

I resent the salt spray that kisses

your face in the middle of the ocean

I envy the moon that embraces

you when you keep watch on the bridge

as I am overtaken by such

ridiculous but toxic notions

that cause misery in my mundane life

I countdown in frenzy

the days left for you to return

and to keep such insidious thoughts at bay

I mitigate my heartache with this…

the sun, the moon, the sea and the breeze

act as my proxy when

you are lonesome and desolate.

False dreams

I was mesmerised by the extravaganza

of the raibow hued dreams

that you beguilingly spun

my eyes a receptacle of the

brilliant colours you mixed

each colour branding various parts of me

and I happily became your canvas

alas! the colours were not fast

some bled, some faded away

I am now an unrequited, discoloured rag

cast aside with disdain

let me disabuse you of the notion

that I am now moribund

if only you had seen

beyond my satin smooth skin

you might have noticed my spine of steel

I was resolute when I loved you against all odds

I am resolute about taking care of myself.


I sit still as I scout oblivion

silhouetted against the horizon

no answers come forth

and this nothingness

shapes the hollow in my heart

I switch my gaze closer home

to upturned question marks

lurking all around

broken, I willingly drown in your

disconcertingly clear eyes

only to be rescued

on the edge of tears

which pool into the hollow to heal

the passage from eternity to now

is wrought with timeless passion

I love this oblivion.


The broken arrows of time pin me to the past

causing a suffocatingly sweet ache

the sweetness which stings and kills me

but the ache that plays with me and keeps me alive

I desperately seek shelter

to lick my purple wounds with a forked tongue

that beguiles with sepia toned future

while spinning multi hued tales of yore

I measure this pain in handfuls

that I bury feverishly in my chest

my coherent thoughts turning shambolic

I look up to the heavens for relief

the king of days, the sun

looks at me with disdain

the prince of nights, the moon

laughs at my predicament

the myrmidon stars look pityingly, as I lie prone

reminding me not to mess with time

so I allow time to mess with me.