Night segues into day seamlessly

Another year peeps over from the horizon

The shards of broken dreams and regrets lie scattered

But amidst them bloom flowers of gratitude,

Of joy, of hope and of faith

It is time to say goodbye to negativity

To embrace whatever life has to offer

To leave no room for revenge

To follow traditions of loving and forgiving

And live life that is fulfilling

To never consider the glass half empty

But always count my blessings

And each one of you amongst them

So I thank every one of you

For your kind presence, encouraging words

And for making it all so worthwhile.


I shake my head and blink my eyes
Surely you are not an abstract image
Your warm, silky presence is so promising
Or should I say alluring!
The thought of you melting at my touch
Makes me shiver with delight
Today I want to give in to my temptation
The whole world be damned
I reach out for you, my nerves tingling
When a voice calls out
“Mom! Don’t eat that chocolate, you’re on a diet!”