The lanes were familiar, the faces not. Time had not been kind to my hometown. The roads seemed bumpier and dustier, the markets crowded and disorderly.

Houses were in a state of disrepair; paint peeling off, gardens growing wild and laundry languishing on lines. In the hope of catching a glimpse of him, I wandered and I wandered.

Lonely as a cloud in a fierce sky, I scudded across the bylanes, shading my eyes. Regretting my foolhardy decision to return in the hope of a reunion.

Despondently, I trudge back to the railway-station, the burden of desolation heavier than my baggage.

As I sit forlornly on a lonely bench, waiting for my train, a familiar voice from the past calls me. I turn to find intense brown gazing at me. As I am engulfed in a tight bear hug, I know I am home.

Written for dVerse prosery. Today’s host, Lillian, says: The line I want you to include in your prose/flash fiction of 144 words or less, sans title, is “I wandered lonely as a cloud”.  Remember, you must use the line, word for word. The punctuation may be different….but the words must be there, ordered just as they were by Wordsworth, word for word.


No entry

this fortress has no drawbridge
I see no way that I can breach
the tall unwelcoming walls
I have knocked umpteen times
I get no reply
I can feel the foreboding vibes
a coldness that makes me shiver
as my overtures are repelled

never seen an occupant
yet it’s stark emptiness calls me compellingly
on the nights of the silent moon
darkened winds draw me in
my curiosity birthed of haunting
I have a habit of homing into hearts
I will keep trying to make this devastated heart a home.

Written for dVerse Poetics: outside looking in