Portal to peace

Chasing impossible dreams
I cross the threshold
charting an untrodden path
into the realms unexplored

the wispy, whispering wind
my steadfast soul companion
at night I sleep carefree
under the sentinel, mighty banyans.

My innate optimism
my sole exchangeable currency
my mind and my heart
in complete harmony

Dipping my feet slowly
into the art of self-care
listening to the birdsong
letting go of my woes and cares.

No gruesome baggage of past
I am travelling light
I am filling my pockets
with sounds and sights.

Written for Sadje’s wdys and various Ragtag prompts of last week and FOWC.


Autumnal musings


Warm ochre and orange blooms
vibrant hued festivities
season of sweetness overload.


Yellowed leaves gently falling
providing warmth to the earth
from the oncoming chilly winter.


Smog chokes ragged breaths
descending greyness
settles cozily in the lungs.


Hot, spiced pumpkin latte
welcoming the darker half
a spook fest on the cards.


Autumn’s celestial bodies
cast a golden mellow glow
rites and rituals and fruitfulness.

Written for Sadje’s wdys, David’s W3 to Sylvia’s prompt (a cadralor on autumn) and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge.

Sharing it at dVerse OLN.

The language of love

(From Pinterest)

The tinkle of glass bangles
valiantly tries to hide
the hullabaloo as heart wrangles
with mind on who will preside.

Feelings send chits to all concerned
hoping for an early hearing
overwhelmed with affection yearned
too long lost in the jungle of longing

Love is an unstoppable juggernaut
thundering through logic and reason
leaving the prosaic mind distraught
passion often incites treason.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today I am the host and we are exploring the Indian origin words in English language. Read about it here and join us.


Sleepy sun does slowly stretch
across the splattered hues
I twirl with glee
I dance with me
across the splattered hues

Day comes after the night on cue
yet ne’er the same can be
same old, same old
follows the mould
yet ne’er the same can be

eyes see what we want them to see
can be deftly cajoled
to fly off ledge
to step off edge
can be deftly cajoled

Kaleidoscopic tints enfold
’tis better not to kvetch
sometimes I rue
sometimes pursue
’tis better not to kvetch.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Laura, has asked us to write a roundabout poem. Read more about it here.

Also written for Sadje’s wdys.

Blood moon

Cumulous clouds casually claim the pewter skies
haze hangs around the horizon aimlessly
stars sulkily scatter haphazardly
all conspiring to delay the moon rise sighting

Dressed in glorious berry red
hands decorated with henna
her melodic eyes filled with untold stories
she awaits for a glance of the traveller
too aware of the heavens’ mischief making

Finally the blood moon makes an appearance
matching her attire and her wan smile
both following the path laid for them
unquestioning, unflinching
soul sisters sharing stories at night.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, has asked us to write a moony poem inspired by the various names of the moon for the month of October. I have also used some words from Jane’s random word generator.

Last week, in India Karwa chauth was celebrated( inspiring this poem). You can read about it here.

A tryst that wasn’t

Off they went into shroud of mist
a day break tryst
no prying eyes
no need for lies

So inviting; fruit forbidden
they were smitten
gentle, morn light
oh so quiet!

Alas! raucous birds‘ noisy racket
they pulled jackets
traced back their steps
their tryst a hex!

Written for Sadje’s wdys, David’s W3 to Lesley’s prompt (a humourous minute poem) and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge.

(Will catch up with reading tonight)

Bubbling to death

From Istock

Stay on the back-burner for a while
I pleaded with my passion
let me play other roles for now
you have to learn some patience

I could see it floundering
in a rush to be ahead of others
flailing and falling helplessly
so it needed to feel before flourishing

Stepping back would help it ferment
and then foment with excitement
slowly stewing steeped in its juices
to effervesce with vigour and vivacity

alas! I let it be for too long
it started feeding on its fetid self
my passion that was raring to go
bubbled and frothed to putrid death.

Written for dVerse poetics. Li had asked us to write on fermentation. Since I am late, I am sharing it at OLN.

Whisk affairs

(My own)

Whisk affair

When my mind is in a whirl
unable to stay in line
I then give my whisk a twirl
shifting focus works each time

shaky hands calmly measure
exactness begs attention
deftly effecting erasure
of the nerve-racking tension

as vanilla marries nutmeg
and butter embraces flour
I beat blues as I beat eggs
sugar counters my mood sour

My worries scatter and dart
as I wield my trusty whisk
mellowness cradles my heart
the sweet, warm smell a balmy mix

satiated sighs, leftover crumbs
are my craven heart’s refuge
when depredation makes me numb
baking, antidote to news deluge.

Written for Mel.

Seeking self

Stillness I seek within me
Stirrings deep let me not rest
Stifling them, I die bit by bit
Stilted all my words become

Sifting my headstrong heavy heart
Signs of buried pain I find
Sighing I begin to let go
Sinking into pity no more

Soreness slowly subsides and heals
Soaking into forgiveness helps
Sorry no more I feel for self
Soul searching finally brings peace

At dVerse Poetry Form, Grace has asked us to write in the Traditional Mongolian Meter. Read more about it here.