Did I actually write what I wrote?

I think I forgot to quote.

Thoughts play hide and seek with me,

Deserting, when I need them the most.

I oft misplace my spectacles,

Each job seems ridden with obstacles.

There is so much to say and to share,

I wish I have enough time to pen my chronicles.

The road ahead is winding and long

I keep getting faces and names wrong

I need you to have faith in me

I may be repetitive but its an original song.



​The doodles, the games,

And those unmentionable names,

The noughts and crosses,

And the list of crushes,

PP phone numbers of friends,

Sketches of latest trends,

Names of reference books,

And of those with killer looks.

All this and much more

Was scribbled when the class was a bore.

Every notebook’s last page

Was a blueprint of the tumultuous age.

But it was also much more than that

Had anyone ever glimpsed carefully at.

It was the page of aspirations and dreams,

Which sub consciously was revealed.

It was a budding artist’s canvas,

A nascent poet honed there rhyming verse,

A scientist’s formulae ridden page

A banker’s calculation rage!

Myriad stories would have unfolded

If anyone with last page had bothered.

But since most of it was either stricken off or scratched

So many stories remained untold and unshared

Alas! If only I could recall what I wrote,

Life now ( which is quite dull)would be a riot!

Mid- Life

Some goals are still left to be achieved
That coveted car is still a dream

The house in hills far from reality,

I wonder if this dreamlife is of quality!

Children are taking their own time to settle,

Letting gadgets their life rob

One refuses to get married,

The other, unhappy with her job!

Parents dodder towards old age

Too proud to ask for help,

Too frail to manage on their own,

Sibling too busy to phone.

Caught between all this

I have my own battles to fight.

The spouse irritable due to impending retirement,

I have sleepless nights worrying about finances.

Where is the time to sit back and enjoy?

So I steal moments of happiness whenever I can.

Long chats with mom to reassure her I am around.

Flying visits just to see dad smile.

Late night snuggles with daughter when she is home,

Spending time with son over pretext of learning how to download.

Lazy breakfast with spouse on Sundays,

And grabbing with both hands any chance to reconnect with mates.

These little things make life seem less like a crisis

Yet, no one told me mid-life will be like this!

That Which Was Always Mine

​This is the last one inspired by GJC…

The road seemed bumpier and dustier than before,

The markets crowded and disorderly.

The homes decrepit and in need of paint,

The city aged and indifferent.

And yet, the moment I stepped down,

I knew that I was finally home.

The gate had shifted elsewhere,

The building was an unfamiliar shade.

The basketball court no longer there,

The buses in a uniform yellow shade.

It seemed so very different from what I remembered.

But the moment I stepped inside the gate,

The tears pricking at the back of my eyes,

Told me that this is where I belonged.

The faces from my past glimpsed at me,

They looked so different and yet the same.

I wondered if it would be awkward after all these years,

But best friends or not, the bond was strong.

The moment I was gathered in warm embrace,

I knew you were always mine, forever.