Screaming in the wind

Day 21: Screaming in the wind

Disappointments seep under my pallid skin
welts appear on my heart from the whiplash of harsh words
pain drips poison slowly into my bloodstream
rejection gnaws my ankles surreptitiously
frustration causes my body to go rigid
blazing anger oozes red hot from my wrists
I am a ticking live bomb waiting to explode
but the superficial beatific all-hiding smile on my face
encasing my true emotions in an invisible bubble
has been plastered there for too long over the years
I watch wordlessly as ominous clouds gather in the sky
the wind howls a mournful dirge
and then I am thrashed by hard, pelting drops
my eyes are blinded… by tears or raindrops…can’t say
I can scarce see ahead in the darkness
the plaster gradually begins to loosen
I open my mouth to let out a silent scream
but end up keening like a banshee over and over again
till I feel cleansed and whole, finally.

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

Today’s suggested poetry form is shape poetry but I couldn’t shape my words into either a scream or wind! 😓


My sweetheart is a party animal
She loves to gallivant
“I wanna party, I wanna party!”
Is her all time favourite chant.
If ever I am unable to take her to places new
Believe me, the whole day I have to listen to her rant.
One day I couldn’t comply to her wishes
I told her, “Sweetheart I just can’t!”
In frustration she gave me the boot
And crushed me like an ant.
At first heartbroken, I soon recovered
Now I am footloose and free to gallivant.