One Year of Words

For long there were just random jottings
A turn of phrase or a pithy insight,

A witty one liner or an alliterative expression,

Some reflections and mostly opinions.

Too unsure and lacking confidence,

Unable to believe my own written word,

Would store them away for future use

Which seemed a long distance away.

There were some full blown poems

Some half written articles, incomplete stories,

Tucked away in a dusty corner, in long forgotten old diaries.

But too personal to be shared with all.

And then followed a long barren period

When nary an event sparked creativity.

Words would tease from afar,

Blank pages stared back unblinkingly,

But the ink in the pen remained dry.
Then the welcoming fold of childhood friends

Encouraged me to gingerly test waters.

The delighted response unleashed a flood  

Of thoughts and words which refused to be stemmed.

They tumbled out in a hurry and a flurry

Taking everyone by surprise and delight.

For a few months the torrent grew and grew

Before slowly ebbing to a quiet flow.

The thoughts continue to clamour unabated

But I have learnt to streamline the barrage.

The interest has waned a bit with time

Eliciting now an erratic lukewarm response.

But the nurturing words did their trick,

Nudging and pushing fingers to weave

Providing a cocoon of all        encompassing warmth 

And a fledgling voice found its tenor.

One year of words, dear friends, would not have been possible,

Had you not shown patience and I perseverance,

And thus flow the words, making demands on your kindness,

Finding a gentle, leisurely pace to move on.



​पचास के बाद जिंदगी का अलग ही मजा है

ऐसे मोड़ पर हैं, जहाँ न किसी की परवाह है।

कमर न रही पतली तो क्या फिकर है!

मार्केट में प्लस साइज में बहुत कलर हैं।

बालों की सफेदी काली डाई से क्यों छिपाएँ

अब तो ब्लौंड से लेकर बरगंडी रंग मिल जाएँ।

दाल रोटी बना – बना कर गर उकता गई हो

तो पिज्जा, बर्गर और पास्ता की जय हो।

सफाई करने को जब कभी भी जी न चाहे

हार्मोंस को दोष दे छुट्टी करो तस्सली से।

पति को कह दो अब तो हो गई हद जी,

आॅल गर्ल्स हाॅलिडे पे मैं तो चली जी।

बच्चे जब करने लगे अपनी मनमर्जियाँ

कह देना उन्हें,  ढूँढो अपने लिए घर नया।

बहुत हुआ सब को खुश करना कराना

उन्मुक्त होकर अपनी खुशियाँ मनाना।