And the leaves come down (OctPoWriMo)

(From Pexel)

Day 15

Prompt: Leaves

Form: Enclosed Tercet

You wander lonely in the soft breeze
Pretty red leaves and yellow leaves
Leaving bare the lofty trees.

Floating gently through the air;
Falling noiselessly on the ground
Pale sun peeps from everywhere.

Scurry and scamper and run leaves run!
The wind is chasing you with all his might
He laughs at you in the autumn sun.

When you eventually tire of flaunting around
Howling old wind will drop you underfoot
Rapid moving feet will crush you to the ground.

Tenderly someone may pick up thee
Tuck you within the leaves of a book
To send to a beloved sometime, maybe!

Gliding gracefully you fall on earth
Clothing her bare skin in many hues
Year after year taking leave of your hearth.

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Nothing but the truth

A commodity considered archaic in the present times
relegated to being rarest of rare
truth these days is an experimental drug.

As dazzling artifice and pretence become lucrative
plain truth is no longer regarded attractive
a commodity considered archaic in the present times.

Lies need no passport, traversing the world
truth plods on, barefoot and sore
relegated to being rarest of rare.

Deception artfully camouflages flaws
honesty almost always gives you a spine
truth these days is an experimental drug.

For OLN at dVerse being hosted by Lisa.

Faces and masks

Development has a forward looking face
masking the naked desire of mankind
world peace has a beatific face
but we are told it needs
the protection of horrors of war
love has an alluring face but wears a mask
of indifference, afraid of rejection and ridicule
the face put forth by fear is that of disdain
it is loath to reveal its insecurities
the face of truth sparkles with divine light
buttressed by courage and conviction
but deceit wears a face so cunningly naive
lulling most into a false sense of faith and security
beliefs and things with faces all around
or is it faces with masks!
so difficult to say these days!

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Your words

As I slip under the satin sheets

your words whisper softly into my ears

they dance enticingly in front of my eyes

they laughingly mock me having invaded my head

all I can now do is to surrender to them

and let them gaze at me lovingly

trace gently the contours of my heart

caress passionately my feverish soul

and explore every fibre of my being

culminating in dazzling fireworks

that make the moon blush, light up the skies

and set your tempestuous ocean afire.

For dVerse OLN