Tongue tied

Words are elusive today

Teasing from afar

Having a laugh at me

I want to summon

All of them

To let you know

How I feel

To pour out my feelings

And provide glimpses

Of the secret crevices of my heart

But I am left fumbling and floundering

stuttering and stumbling…

Till they have mercy on me

Er…I hope you don’t mind waiting!



With a heavy heart
she boarded the flight

Leaving for home did not fill her with delight

Love’s journey had come to an end

She sat forlorn with her head bent

Blinking back tears that fought for release

A deep voice asked if she would vacate the seat please

She turned to curtly tell him off

Her eyes widened, she almost fell off

Smothering a yelp of surprise

She smiled through tear filled eyes.


They were a much envied pair

holding hands always

whispering sweet nothings

totally into each other

everyone believed

they would go waltzing

into the sunset

for their happily ever after

but life is not a work of fiction

realities have a strange way of skewing life

the glowing warmth turning into
frosted silence

a slight misunderstanding

blown out of proportion

and two lives riven apart forever.