Begin again

1. Petulantly biting my tongue
I sit on the sidelines, as
you spread wings.
I am learning, wings have other uses too.

2.  Every evening dust settles contentedly
on haphazardly piled stuff.
every night
I realign life, preparing to face dawn.

3. Whenever joy comes knocking at the door
I let go of a past grievance,
making place
for more, in the space allotted to me.

4. Disconnecting from the world
I can feel chaos swirling around my toes
calming self
I embrace my incongruities.

5. As I watch the tiny blossom
my heart sings an unheard melody.
at the wee wonder, time stops too!

Written for dVerse poetics. Today I am the host and we are writing on resolutions.


Cycle of life

(From Unsplash)

At the promise of spring
the schooner is finally set to sail
’tis better not to kvetch

Soul sisters share stories at night
doing mother’s will
Winning battles our way

With me, you better tread with caution
as passion often incites treason
bubbling and frothing to putrid death

I do have a yen for the luxury of anonymity
with appreciation, this heart does beam
keeping me warm and safe

As life transits towards the end
it makes my staid life a mural of flavours
and in my dreams the lullaby carries me home.

The first four stanzas were put together for the MTB at dVerse last week. Both Jane and Merril mentioned that it would be a cadralor if I added one more stanza. So I went back to my poems and picked three more end lines. Is it a cadralor now, do tell!

Sharing at dVerse OLN.

Autumnal musings


Warm ochre and orange blooms
vibrant hued festivities
season of sweetness overload.


Yellowed leaves gently falling
providing warmth to the earth
from the oncoming chilly winter.


Smog chokes ragged breaths
descending greyness
settles cozily in the lungs.


Hot, spiced pumpkin latte
welcoming the darker half
a spook fest on the cards.


Autumn’s celestial bodies
cast a golden mellow glow
rites and rituals and fruitfulness.

Written for Sadje’s wdys, David’s W3 to Sylvia’s prompt (a cadralor on autumn) and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge.

Sharing it at dVerse OLN.

Finding equilibrium (OctPoWriMo) (dVerse)

(From Pexel)

Day 7

Prompt: Finding balance

Form: Cadralor

1.Your calloused hand in my soft one
the give and the take, not discernable
life flowing
from my hand to yours. And vice versa.
But the give sometimes more than the take.

2. I waltz with my shadow, my darkness
it lets me revel in my light that
shines as bright can be
fiery flame fights ghostly gloominess
teetering on the edge of an abyss

3. As the vegetables sizzle and simmer in the pan
the laundry is folded methodically and mechanically
my tea sits neglected and undrunk
regret is the bitter pill I refuse to swallow
but today some random thoughts make me feel antsy

4. The moon sighs at the signal for her to fade away
the lord of the day is about to ascend
she longs to stay and shout her love for
the giver of light, in whose
reflection she glows and basks

5.Juggling, balancing on the seesaw, ropewalking
seemed like stunts performed for applause
never interested me as a kid
swinging between sanity and insanity
I wish I had learnt a few of those tricks.

Written for MTB at dVerse. Today’s host Bj√∂rn has asked us to write a Cadralor inspired by Jane Dougherty’s verse a few days ago.