Walk down memory lane (a pantoum)

Let me hold your tiny hand once again
I want to relive those idyllic days once more
Let us walk down the elusive memory lane
When you were my little angel, oh so pure!

I want to relive those joyous days once more
To fill my pockets with memories of your childhood
When you were my little angel, so very pure
I just can’t believe you are stepping into adulthood!

To fill my pockets with memories of your childhood
Those sun filled days of carefree gurgling laughter
I can’t believe you are stepping into adulthood
My little doll is all grown-up, of age from hereafter.

Those sun filled days of carefree, gurgling laughter
Let me make a gallery of reminisces once again
My little doll is all grown-up, of age from hereafter
My heart is filled with such a sweet pain!

Let’s walk the gallery of reminisces once again
Let’s chase butterflies one more  time
My heart is filled with such a sweet pain
Let’s catch sunbeams and hear woods chime.

Let’s chase butterflies one more  time
Let me send you off with a heartfelt smile
Let’s catch sunbeams and hear woods chime
Your journey will be long, cover it mile by mile.

Let me send you off with a heartfelt smile
Though melancholy smites  my poor heart
Your journey is long, cover it mile by mile
And I will from afar play my part.

Though melancholy smites my poor heart
I cannot but be happy for you
And I will from afar play my part
It is now your life to live and pursue.

I cannot but be happy for you
My dear little angel, oh so pure
It is now your life to live and pursue
But let me hold your hand just once again!



In the ever changing kaleidoscope of life
greys crowded out all the vivid hues
colours bled from my luxuriant dreams
leaving them dully monochromed

dizzying joy, quirky warmth and undying passion 
were the gifts bestowed on me
I floated dandelion like on the soft breeze of contentment

as a parting gift
the heartbreak that was unexpectedly tossed my way
shattered me beyond repair
closing all doors on me

I gather my fragmented self decisively
I acclimatise myself to the cloudy climes
getting ready to take a plunge
into the uncertain ocean of living again
learning to dance with the rains

these days storms sustain my resilient heart.




As I stumble again over my tangled shoelaces
wondrous memories light up the canvas of youth
time is fluid and my mind lucid
as I ramble through the lanes of past
a hint of the fragrance of carefree laughter
causes a lump in my throat that refuses to go
the freaky four they called us behind our back
our strangeness, the elephant in the room
nobody had the courage to address
we were unstoppable
no kakorrhaphiophobia, no feeling of insufficiency
my clumsiness never an issue
secure in each others’ quaintness
world warriors we were
then fate spun a whirlwind so intense
scattered across the globe we lie
the magnet of uniqueness keeping us aligned
I wipe my tears with a sigh hoping to see them before I die.




The stirrings were intense

leaving my stomach in a churn

my cheeks damp and my heart all overflowing

When I land there, I am taken aback

I tell my smote heart to not lose it

to my consternation my clothes are all wrong

I had tried to dress the traditional way

but the way I carry them makes me stand out

the syllables that proudly roll off my tongue

though similar to theirs

have an alien accent even to my own ears!

the sights, the sounds which I had imagined

had pulled my strings all these years

now leave me strangely uncomfortable and rueful

my crinkling of nose and exasperated sighs

though smothered, are frowned upon

the whispering behind my back is hard to miss

I smile awkwardly

gulping the too sweet milky tea hastily

scalding my tongue and heart

I long to go back

but that home is also not home

all these years that I have spent

have stayed as an outsider,

standing on the periphery never belonging

tethered to the memories of my supposed roots

and now I stand exposed

floating in a limbo

not sure where home is.

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Hiraeth

Deceptive appearances

Your perception colours your vision
You have never tried to know my side of story
Though you may see me as a threat
I am just protecting my territory.

Appearances don’t define character
Hatred so often hatred does beget
I am just protecting my territory
Though you may see me as a threat.

You see what you want to see
Invisible my teardrops to those consumed by bigotry
Though you may see me as a threat
I am just protecting my territory.

I am as terrified of you as you of me
Danger makes me too break out in sweat
I am just protecting my territory
Though you may see me as a threat.

Myths and lores fuel our fears
You tend to believe distorted history
Though you may see me as a threat
I am just protecting my territory.

Maybe time will be kinder with you
Maybe your actions you will regret
I am just protecting my territory
Though you may see me as a threat.

dVerse: write a mirrored refrain.


Night magic

After a day of fiercely staring at the earth

the sun tiredly sinks down the horizon

Luna yawns and fumbles to wakefulness

emerging from behind a curtain of wispy clouds

she gently shoos them away to reclaim her space

Rearranging the gown of darkness to amplify her glow

she calls to order the unruly glittering glowworms

As they fall in place, the orris orb owns the sky wholly again

Her limpid, luminous light shimmers with a gleam of platinum

Lying languidly on the inspired carpet of cobalt blue

deviating from the usual transcript, in keeping with her

magical, misty, moody and mercurial nature, the moon gets mischievous

sprinkling her fairy dust, calling young lovers nigh

She stretches delicately, extending fingers of moonbeams

her silver tendrils entwining their nubile souls

Satisfied with her successful shenanigans

she winks conspiratorially at her coruscating comrades

then retires gracefully to cede place to the sun.



The whirlwind of his words
though expected, always knocks me down
leaving my knees weak and wobbly
scattering my composure like a bundle of straw
the slurry of alcohol and contumelious derision
pours forth contemptuously
from his frothy, sneering mouth
the tar black viscosity of toxicity
crushes me with the ferocity of a ton of bricks
then dribbles down deep into my denuded heart
corroded and misshapen beyond recognition
creating a stygian worthlessness
tongue tied and petrified, I stand rooted
facing the obnoxious aural onslaught
spleen spent, he staggers away
my timorous soul wrings it hands
bemoaning the lack of courage at disposal
but promising resolution in future
which, in truth, eludes with regularity every time.



I had been persistently warned

playing with fire was no fun

but I still swallowed the sun

my words now leave lacerations

my touch third degree burns

my lone tear like molten lava runs

leaving putrid diamonds all along

the sputtering that goes on inside me

can dwarf the fire of all the galaxies

my eyelids bear the weight of glowing charcoal

drooping and wide open at the same time

restlessness like temperature climbs

I believe I swallowed the mercury along with the sun

which now runs through my ice cold veins

my fingertips emanating flames

the planetary triangle of tangled moon, mercury and sun

entwined forever in my palm

I play with blisters without any qualm

maybe this is the truth of today

maybe it was all a mistake

maybe the golden orb is a flake.

Friday Fun – solar


Proud and unbending; that is me
and see how you are soaring with my support
I had been very clear from the beginning
you don’t have to be rich to be my girl
you don’t have to be cool to rule my world
but you have to be malleable to my way of thinking
had I been an emotional cesspool like you
we both would have wallowed in nothingness
It has taken me years to mould you
to change your internal wiring
and erase your history of pliancy
I don’t care if I sound immodest
that I pulled you back from the brink
of being an average, anonymous person
if you are admired today and eulogized
it is because appearances matter
they see just the surface; tranquil and beautiful
they can’t see the turbidity beneath
let’s not go there and let’s not talk of
bruised self respect and things inconsequential
I brook no opposition of any kind
I take rightful pride in what I have made of you…
a glorious reflection of me.


What do you see # 68 – February 8 2021



Tyranny acquaints us with the deepest despair
despots never stop from repeating their mistakes
trying to subjugate everyone to rank capitulation
using brute power and the machinery of state

Hubris struts around, brazenly fear mongering
reason and righteousness softly tiptoe
in such a gloomy scenario they quietly retire
for the victory of the oppressor is taken as a given

In the darkest of darkness when nothing is visible
in the coldest of winter when frigid winds blow
in the furthest corner where ultimatum pushes
the timorous soul sings in a tremulous voice

Gathering frail courage from note to note
as hesitant other voices join in, haltingly first
the song becomes a rallying cry for the oppressed
soaring up and high beating down all walls.

But the obstinate tyrant refuses to retreat
for drunk on absolute power, he is blind absolutely
bully pulpit misused by bumbling bedlamite
never expecting a fight back as a repercussion of tyranny.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Winter – February 4, 2021

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: repercussions