O captain!

The ghostly galleon was a pale shadow in the skies

nervous moonlight peeped from behind the clouds

silvery, slithering snakes streaked down to the seas

the lone, ageing vessel valiantly tried to stay afloat

wailing waves walloped the deck again and again

the master helmed the ship stoically

though his heart was grim at what lay ahead

as the sea-spray hit his face once more, she tasted like memory

of all the good times he had had on her calm waters

and he smiled

her turbulent, troubled flashes of temper did not frighten him a bit

sea was his beloved, he could read her every pulse

yet, he admitted to self candidly, she could be capricious

he wouldn’t mind dying in her arms

but he knew they had many more years of togetherness

he had learnt to starve the fear that gnawed in his gut

never letting the hungry beast devour his mind

he used it to keep the fire in his belly alive

he had been successful in the past

it was a battle he was going to win this time too

he straightened his spine as he saw another wave coming

no wonder he was considered a legend on the seas!


What do you see # 26- 20 April 2020


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, April 22, 2020

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – “Legend” – April 20, 2020


Inspiration, a bird

For days I stared at the blank page, contemplative,

as I tried to gather the universe in metaphors

pen paralyzed, poised plaintively

words voiceless, suddenly amiss

endless time on hand stretching like a lazy cat

wasted on a futile pursuit of awol ideas

left high and dry by the secretive, masquerading muse

disgusted with the fickle-minded creativity

I wander off to the balcony, my favourite perch

only to be met with the baleful gaze of

the occasional visitor, the one-eyed crow

the nearby mango tree is half stooping

laden with flowers and a bevy of brown bulbuls

who trill merrily, a chorus so uplifting

that I stand there transfixed, as they soar and alight

uncaring of the murder of crows that has gathered

no question of a parley between the two parties

I decide to be a neutral observer

after a hectic and raucous conference

the crows cede space and fly away

the bulbuls fill my heart with a fluttering of their wings

I know now why my caged soul has lost the courage to soar

this once in a lifetime situation has clipped my wings

but my voice is very much in my control

and one day I will surely sing.


Friday Fun – now

A vegetarian nightmare

Write a poem based on an image from a dream. We don’t always remember our dreams, but images or ideas from them often stick with us for a very long time.

The aubergine rolled up as fast as it could

plonking itself on the topmost shelf

the green chilly glowered at me

threatening to bite my fingertips

my eyes had turned saucers by now

the potato just stood its ground

and admonished me for eating too many carbs

I think I then heard my jaw drop!

right then the onion barged in

querulously asking me why I sliced it so thin!

I gingerly stepped back,
with a scream rising up my throat

when the ginger accosted me

and warned me against using it in writing

I turned with my heart in my mouth

and just as I was about to flee,

a bunch of french beans swung by on a vine

tying me tightly to the refrigerator

I opened my mouth to let out a wail

when a tomato affixed itself on my face

they all threatened me in unison, “Better stop cooking us

or else tonight we will cook you up, champion!”

as I thrashed my legs trying to free myself, while shivering all over

someone shook my shoulders not so gently over and again

I cracked open one eye and met my husband’s exasperated gaze

I got up with a start to find myself on my bed

scarcity of vegetables in lockdown is sure giving me nightmares

I refuse to cook any longer

I fear being threatened by my utensils next!

( I literally dreamt of vegetables a couple of days ago! 🙄)

Solitude (revised)

When the world becomes too much for me

I prefer then to be with only me

When the mind flounders in the shallows of din

It is best then, to retreat within

No company can be better than your own

To be able to explore own facets unknown

For that you have to leave your baggage behind

Calm all your senses and have an open mind

Quieten the voices clamouring to be heard

Listen to the inner silence, be deaf to the world

Solitude is a wonderful place to be

When you are in touch with only me

The quietude, the silence, the nothingness around

Is necessary to balance the hubbub all around

With too many voices and opinions crowding you in

It is better to log out instead of staying plugged in

No intrigue, no suspense just a feeling of calm

Enjoy isolation without a qualm

Nature walks, gardening or meditation

Whatever it takes to keep you from frustration

Listen to yourself, sing or read

Enjoy your own company to feed your need

Once you are again in touch with self

Go reconnect with the world and forget yourself.

This is one of my early poems. I thought it a good time to post a reworked version.

Oops! I did it again!

Thank you, Mich, for pointing out that comments are disabled on this post! This happened once earlier too! Please, please leave your precious feedback, for my writing is nothing without your love.

One day….

Yes, we had to start from somewhere

Yes, it is okay to have a day to mark that beginning

But for humanity’s sake stop mouthing stale platitudes!

Let the moth-eaten adjectives that you air once a year

remain in your dusty, masculine cupboard

I am much more than the curve of my breast or the size of my butt

but you are myopic, visualizing me just as an object

correct this glitch in your thinking circuit

this one day of paean singing combined with putting on pedestal

is trust me, just tokenism and you know it too!

And you! You who body-shame,

age-shame and deride your sisters

passing judgements from the comfort of your position

and you who smirk at stay at home mothers

as also you who bad-mouth working women

stop purring with contentment and try to be helpful

also those of you who tolerate just anything

maybe you should acknowledge

some woes are created by you too!

For once I have to be the person I want to be

identify stereotypes that are to be shattered

to accept this beautiful gift of womanhood

to turn this silence in my heart

into a rallying song of moving forward

trust my instincts to leave footprints on the sands of time

which no water can wash away

I have to stop complaining about the predicament I am in

and believe one day I will be accepted on my terms too!

What do you see # 20- March 9, 2020


Eugi's Weekly Prompt – Song – March 9, 2020

It’s a jungle out there

The bridge appears to be straight and smooth

but fear sloshes in my belly turning my legs to jelly

trepidation makes my heart race for it’s a jungle out there

hatred and violence roam free

baring their vicious fangs and growl in a stentorian roar

misplaced pride turns a snooty nose at reason

crazed look on every twisted face

blood on each hand and the smell of burning flesh

yet the call is so invidiously beguiling

I salivate at the mere thought of that power

tethering at the edge of insanity

lured by the promised bounty of righted wrongs

but I recover from the transient transgress

with sanity sharply knocking me down

eyes with hope serving as a beacon

Let there be storms of paranoia all around

it may seem like a daydream but is a heartfelt desire

that peace with its winsome ways will eventually win

human will not another human butcher

the arc of fear will not be allowed to persist

time will have to change its course

for humanity to finally prevail.

Goldilocks Part 2

Distant evanescent lightning

imparts a faint blush glow to the room

I am faced with the prospect of being alone in the dark

as mom and pop are away

losing track of time, I am plagued

by dangerous thoughts

banishing them away, I stay brave

I don’t want to go anywhere

history repeats itself, they say

I sit on my bed waiting

for the very social Goldilock’s arrival

‘cos I don’t believe the rumours about her.

Eugi's Weekly Prompt – Blush – February 17, 2020

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge–February 18, 2020

Wednesday’s Level UP Challenge, 2/19/20 and Tuesday’ Writing Prompt Challenge Round UP


Skulking in the penumbra

waiting patiently for a chink to appear

then homing like a scavenging vulture

fear can scarce hide its glee

ever so subtle,

always waiting for a blunder

it shivers with delight

as it collaborates with suspicion

digging deep its talons

feeding on vulnerabilities

smothering every glimmer of reason

and leaving it a blubbering wretch

feasting on the carcass of sanity

it gloats contentedly at the mayhem unleashed.

Things with faces

World peace has a beatific face
but we are told it needs
the protection of horrors of war
love has an alluring face
but wears a mask of indifference
for it is afraid of rejection and ridicule
the face put forth by fear is that of disdain
it is loath to reveal its insecurities
the face of truth sparkles with divine light
buttressed by courage and conviction
but deceit wears a face so cunningly naive

lulling most into a false sense of faith and security
beliefs and things with faces all around
or is it faces with masks
so difficult to say these days!