Old wine, not so new bottle

A rehash of what has already been stated

by so many others and more beautifully

an amalgamation of ideas already expounded

not quoting verbatim

but drawing inspiration from all around

words realigned in response to the prompts

and thus presenting old ideas in a different garb

to be applauded out of politeness.

Status quo

Everyone in a rush

moving, jostling, pushing

destination unknown

nor any joy in the journey

some crib about it being humdrum

others just drift along, unthinking

no time to smell the roses, they complain

I can wager

they won’t take even a tiny step away

afraid to change the status quo.

Learn again

It is not easy to walk backwards

but I am doing it

my eyes are firmly focussed ahead

as I gingerly backtrack

with a singular mind to erase some egregious mistakes

pick and redo some important lessons

if I could bend backwards to please you

I can surely retrace my steps

to unlearn the pain

to nurture that spark which ignited my passion

and then start afresh to learn again.