…is a bird

Raindrop is a bird
perches on iron
leaving behind a spot of rust

Fear is a bird
caged within mind
determined to remain domesticated

Joy is a bird
alights on the soul
leaving it suffused with fuzzy warmth

Love is a bird
roaming carefree
making home where reciprocated.

Written for https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/09/28/what-do-you-see-49-28-september20/




the jumbled neurons are a dense tangled web

not letting a shard of sense to penetrate

yet the synaptic cleft is a coarse sieve

through which dark, biased thoughts slither

into the cauldron of disquiet subconscious

poisoning the process of perception

infiltrating the inviolable memory bank

leaving long held beliefs comatose

the communication between

the conscious and the subconscious

totters on the verge of total collapse

But then

learned behaviour kicks in

an antidote to the tenebrous paralysis

sometimes a battle is won or two lost

in this ongoing exhausting war

the surface calm belying the struggle within

giving up often seems the best recourse

stubborn heels dig in then.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #154


Tripping on the circumstances beyond my control

I fell face first in the inviting, balmy waters of the Acheron

I wanted to wallow in its wretched whorls

allowing despair to drown me to the depths

and let misery gore my heart bit by bit

the warmth of woes washed over my visage

melancholy warbled soothingly

the keening waters building a tumuli over my willing flesh

but the bare bleached bones of sadness rattled me so much

I surfaced, extricating myself from its fierce embrace.

The urge to erase all painful memories

took me to the banks of the serene Lethe

flowing so quietly and invitingly

I experimentally dipped my toe gingerly

feeling all troubles seep away

limb by limb, lighter I felt

as lethargy pinned me down lovingly

the flotsam of pain was jettisoned away

threads of my thoughts unspooled in slow motion

and my jumbled ideas floated by

oh, the luxury of oblivion enveloped me tenderly

it could have been my forever home

but the curiosity of what next refused to fade away

pushing me ashore to bid unwilling adieu to cowardice!

I re-enter the world of reality

which bears the curse of the Phlegethon and the Cocytus

no longer death is a passport to the Hades

we are the inhabitants of the living hell

human life is not even worthy of statistics now

we die like flies for the sport of the powerful few

and yet, a handful, continue to chronicle the truth!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are well. I had a wonderful break. Will catch up with your posts soon.