Conveyor belt


No, I don’t want to look like others.

I don’t admire their fair skins 

Or zero figures.

I am not one of many

Mass produced in the factory

Of beauty products

Shuttling down the conveyor belt

With identical bodies and souls

No thought of their own.

I accept myself with all the imperfections,

For they make me unique.

If you are looking for perfection,

Go knock on some other door.



  Trembling in her boots, she sat in the dentist’s chair.

It was more frightening than a lion’s lair.

“Your molar has a cavity,

You understand situation’s gravity.”

On hearing this she was left gasping for air.



As I leave the tablecloth askew again

I frown one more time and some more

“Now out both of you double quick,

I’ll hear no excuses no more!

Look what my home has become

Do you think it is inhabitable any more?”

My kids giggle as is their wont

This tirade is nothing new

Every day on this stage

This act is repeated anew.

As I  stifle a smile, I very well know

Time is fleeting by so fast

I’ll miss all this when they go

And all this will be a thing of past.

So I let the clutter pile and leave the stained tablecloth

Let me savour this moment of bliss

I’ll fix the mess later as well as the tablecloth

When my tired bones are in need of a fix.



I am smiling for you

In the photo.

Hoping that my arresting smile 

Will stop you from looking further.

I don’t want you to notice

That that smile never reached my eyes

That my dress hides my bruises 

That the scars on my soul are invisible

That the constant pain I am in

Is camouflaged by

The smile.

I don’t want anyone to have an inkling

Of what I am put through everyday.

So I smile.



      She stood in front of him

      Head bowed reverentially

           Eyes closed devoutly 

    Lips murmuring an incantation.

        He was her first 

           And last resort.

       She had always turned to him

           In good times 

               As well as bad.

        She was the praying sort

             Had always been.

He often did not hear her prayers.

      Her faith was unshakeable.

                  But today 

            She needed him the most

      It was a matter of life and death.

                He stood there


              In godly silence

                       Like always.



With quickening pace,  she pulled the coat collar closer,

The wind howled and the dust eddied around

The trees waved their branches and swayed drunkenly 

And in her coat she shrank further.

Her heels clattered noisily on the cobbled street

Not a soul could be seen or heard

One more block to the tiny hovel she called home

And she would be wrapped in warm comforting sheet.

But ere she could reach the safe haven

She saw a looming silhouette under the lamp post.

Her heart thudded loudly and sank to her boots

She sighed and sent a silent supplication to heaven.

Squaring her shoulders she met her ex-husband’s eyes

He reeked of alcohol,tobacco and sweat

“Don’t forget I ain’t any longer your wife

And have no time for you and your blatant lies.”




She sat ramrod still, aware of everyone present.

Her heart beat with a thundering tattoo.

An icy finger traced her spine 

As she waited tremulously for her cue.

She wiped her sweaty palms along her thighs

And hit the first note rather clumsily.

She pulled herself and concentrated

Soon enough her fingers moved busily.

Like swallows they rose and glided,

Landing on the keys with feather like touch.

Adiago to allegro, trills and tremolos

Only music mattered she knew this much.
Oblivious of the audience she played for self

And when she did so, her music soared.

As she played skillfully the music reached crescendo

The audience clapped and praise poured.
She rose unsteadily to accept accolades

It was a virtuoso performance she knew herself.

The ghost of past debacle put to rest

Finally she had proven self.