Conveyor belt


No, I don’t want to look like others.

I don’t admire their fair skins 

Or zero figures.

I am not one of many

Mass produced in the factory

Of beauty products

Shuttling down the conveyor belt

With identical bodies and souls

No thought of their own.

I accept myself with all the imperfections,

For they make me unique.

If you are looking for perfection,

Go knock on some other door.




With quickening pace,  she pulled the coat collar closer,

The wind howled and the dust eddied around

The trees waved their branches and swayed drunkenly 

And in her coat she shrank further.

Her heels clattered noisily on the cobbled street

Not a soul could be seen or heard

One more block to the tiny hovel she called home

And she would be wrapped in warm comforting sheet.

But ere she could reach the safe haven

She saw a looming silhouette under the lamp post.

Her heart thudded loudly and sank to her boots

She sighed and sent a silent supplication to heaven.

Squaring her shoulders she met her ex-husband’s eyes

He reeked of alcohol,tobacco and sweat

“Don’t forget I ain’t any longer your wife

And have no time for you and your blatant lies.”

Candidly Yours


 Every time I write a poem 

I let you in.

In my thoughts

My memories

And my beliefs.

It is a candid revelation.

You can interpret it in any which way.

But you cannot judge me

By the written word.

For they are

Just a part of me.

Not the whole of me.

There are many thoughts

Some memories

Too sacred

Too private

To be put to public scrutiny.

So let them be.

Beyond the Horizon

Who knows what lies beyond

As I stare at the sea meeting the sky.

The azure blue with nary a ripple

Nor the slightest breeze to stir its glassy calmness.

The sky, a riot of flaming colours

Scattered cottony clouds chasing each other.

As sun descends down the horizon

To come up anew the next day

It hides in its bosom stories of the beyond.



If I could shelter you

From harsh realities of life,

If I could protect you

From the bullies who torment you,

If I could save you 

From soul searing experiences,

If I could keep you untouched

By the crooks who abound.

My child,

I would do it in a blink.

But then how would you learn to live?

So I stand with my heart in my hand,

As I watch you

Navigate the murky waters of this world.

For I know

Each one of us has to 

Bear her own burden.