Love & life

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Love and life not always synonymous
yet why does one
always think
life is

a gift
not promised
often unfair
but one can’t tell her, “go just get lost life”!

Written for David’s W3 (where the POW D Avery has asked us to write tetractys) and for Eugi’s moonwashed weekly prompt.

Wishing Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate and to the rest, a happy Sunday! My home is all topsy-turvy due to the renovation work going on. I will be unable to blog for a couple of week, so wishing you all the very best for 2023. Warm hugs to all braving storms and freakish cold weather. Stay warm, stay safe.


Heart made fast

The sea serenades sweetly from dusk to dawn
changing colours following the footsteps
of a radiant sun and luminous moon. I am drawn
to the portal promising a life of adventure
the ebb and the flow, the waves calling
calling to be conquered, to be won
a quest that ignites a fire in my chest
I taste its sweet brackishness in my dreams

and yet…
my heart sings soulfully a homely tune
mooring my wandering, restless thoughts
my arms ache for warm embraces,
my eyes tear up for beloved faces
my steps turn homeward of their own volition
the truth of my existence lightens my being
some questions have no answers
and some answers are not worth seeking.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Grace, has asked us to try our hand at Zen poetry.

Also responding to Sadje’s wdys.

And the light was there…

(From Shuttlecock)

A closer dark encircles me
I find it harder to shake it off
the achromatic pewter dusk-dawn-sky
deepens to a coal blackness

regrets-strewn night descends icily
I singe my fingers as I reach out to the moon
all I wanted was a sip of cold winter
to damp down despair with numbing coldness

as the night begins to wear down
touched by the gentle golden fingers of the sun
the hedgerows birds suddenly begin to sing
I sit shivering and stuporous, with my sullen loneliness

Light alights on my sagging shoulders
lightening the burden of fears I carry
making light of the quilt of pain around me
and I shed my weariness.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, has asked us to write about light.

Morning (a quadrille)

(From Unsplash)

The dark blanket of night cast away
waning moon waved goodbye
morning delicately stretches and blushes
kissed softly by the scarlet sun

shooing away the last of twinkling, giggling stars
she twirls her cerulean skirt
shot with pastel hues,
scalloped with lacy candyfloss clouds.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Mish, has asked us to write a quadrille which must have the word candy.

31st May 2018 (RIP Daily Post)

Friends, fellow bloggers and Daily Prompt followers
Lend me your eyes.
I have come to bury the Daily Post, not to praise it.
The evilest thing anyone could do is to kill it
I don’t want the good it did to be interred with its bones;
So let it be with Daily Post. The noble people
Hath told you Daily Prompt was not possible:
If it is so, it is a grievous fault
And grievously hath Daily Post answered it.
Here, under the leave of WordPress and the rest,
For WordPress is an honourable platform;
So are all, all honourable platforms
Come I to write about the Daily Post’s funeral.
Daily Post was a friend, faithful and just to me
But WordPress says it had become redundant
And WordPress is an honourable platform.
It had brought many like-minded under one umbrella
Whose beautiful writings did the coffers fill
Did this in Daily Post seem redundant?
When any new blogger joined, Daily Post rejoiced,
Redundancy should be justified.
Yet WordPress says Daily Post is redundant
And WordPress is an honourable platform.
It is useless to think that in retrospect
They will rethink this decision.
I write not to question what WordPress thinks
But I write here what other bloggers have to say
We all did love the Daily Prompt not without a cause
And are here to mourn for it
O! judgement thou hast fled to better climes
And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
My heart is with the Daily Post
And I must pause till it comes back to me.

If you had started blogging before 31st May 2018, then you must have surely come across the daily prompts by the Daily Post on WordPress. Many of us tried to fill that void (Ragtag community, Fandango and Word of the day challenge, to name a few) but it was an umbrella platform for all new and old bloggers.

Written for David’s W3, where POW Britta has asked us to

  • Write a poem, any length, any style;
  • The title of your poem must be a date, including day, month and year;
    • Your date can be in the past, the future, or, simply the date on which you are composing your poem;
    • Fictional/speculative dates are welcome

Cycle of life

(From Unsplash)

At the promise of spring
the schooner is finally set to sail
’tis better not to kvetch

Soul sisters share stories at night
doing mother’s will
Winning battles our way

With me, you better tread with caution
as passion often incites treason
bubbling and frothing to putrid death

I do have a yen for the luxury of anonymity
with appreciation, this heart does beam
keeping me warm and safe

As life transits towards the end
it makes my staid life a mural of flavours
and in my dreams the lullaby carries me home.

The first four stanzas were put together for the MTB at dVerse last week. Both Jane and Merril mentioned that it would be a cadralor if I added one more stanza. So I went back to my poems and picked three more end lines. Is it a cadralor now, do tell!

Sharing at dVerse OLN.

A white winter hymn

(From Farmers’ Almanac)

I tell a winter’s tale of a much awaited
long December and a longer January
I dream of the biting, moaning wind
ice cold and stiff feet-hands, blush pink nose.

When lazy, silvery ponderous puffs pervade
and heavy, grey, lumbering smoke collides with them
a hazy shade of winter are days
but I’ve got my love to keep me warm!

Since exquisite, feathery flakes do elude me
I leave no soggy, muddy footprints in the snow
I cannot sing of cold weather blues
‘my love is winter’ is my anthem!

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Lillian, has shared a list of winter songs and asked us to use atleast two in our verse. The songs are listed below. I have used those in italics.

A Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon and Garfunkel)
A Long December (Counting Crows)
A Winter’s Tale (Queen — and also The Moody Blues)
Cold Weather Blues (Muddy Waters)
Footprints in the Snow (Bill Monroe)
If We Make It Through December (Merle Haggard)
I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (Billie Holiday)
Let It Go (Idina Menzel)
Love Like Winter (AFI)
My Love Is Winter (The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania)
Roses from Snow (Emmylou Harris)
The Hounds of Winter (Sting)
Trapped Under Ice (Metallica)
When It’s Cold, I’d Like to Die (Moby)
Winter Things (Ariana Grande)
White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)

Also written for Eugi’s moonwashed musings weekly prompt.

I have also used words from Jane’s random word generator.