#NaPoWriMo# Day 23


(Double Elevenies)


Gazes longingly

At the window 

No pretty damsel waiting



Looking pretty

Skips to balcony

Sees the boy gazing.



#NaPoWriMo# Day 22

‚ÄčTerrace Garden

(Georgic poem)

When one is stuck on a high rise building

From where giant trees appear like pygmy bonsai

Growing plants in pots becomes a challenge.

I decided to take up this herculean task

Hoping to have my own hanging garden.

It starts with selecting the right pot
Then comes the soil, compost and fertiliser.

You have to take a call on the right mix of plants

Choosing ornamental, flowering and herbs.

You next step is to make sure they get the right amount of light

The watering schedule is crucial too.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is 

Give them your tender, loving attention To see them in their full growing glory.

#NaPoWriMo# Day 21

‚ÄčThe Neighbour

(Overheard speech)

“If you know what I mean!”

I would often hear our neighbour remark,

I was a young kid of nine then

Curious and with an overactive mind.

I would wonder and wonder

My brain going in overdrive

What exactly did she mean by that?

My imagination would run wild.

And for me that bespectacled, buck-toothed

Female of unfathomable age 

Was nothing less than an oracle!

One who could see in the in seeable future

Who would leave things half said, 

Juxtaposed with… you know what I mean…

And I wondered at the minds of the adults talking to her

Marvelling at their ability to read her mind.

And so I remained fascinated as well as fearful  of this neighbour.

Till one day I had an epiphany 

Suddenly this neighbour lost her aura

I realised she was nothing more than a snooty, nosey woman

Who actually knew nothing at all!

#NaPoWriMo# Day 20

Love at Crease

(Sports imagery)

I was at the batting crease,

When she came from nowhere.

Her looks threw a googly

And I was clean bowled!

No slip was required,

 Nor a midon needed

I was the maiden wicket

For I scarce scored in her presence.

Some say it was hit wicket,

Others accused me of not playing the ball

But the truth is the maiden bowled me over

With a quick flick of her gaze.

(The terms in bold are used in cricket.)


#NAPoWriMo# Day 19


(Creation myth)

As the kitty ran away with the ball of thread,

Rolling and unfurling it between its paws

It got knotted and pulled

in all directions.

Finally tired of all entanglement, the kitty came to a pause.

When she finally retrieved the ball from the kitty,

She was amazed to see the pattern as she pulled it taut.

The knots and the loops looked daintily pretty

And gave her the idea to not knit, but instead knot.

Thus using that as template she tried many a times

Knotting and pulling , then giving some slack

Her fervour waxing and waning in turns.

Giving up in frustration, then redoing at her pace,

At last she perfected the art of tatting on her own.

And gave the world a craft of making lovely lace.


#NaPoWriMo# Day 18

Wedding in the family, guests and illness have put me back by almost 10 days! But I am trying my best to catch up. So I am posting 3 poems today.



Pitter and patter the rain fell

Causing a rumblebeat on my roof

Phlat! phlat! It fell on the slats

Sometimes sounding like the pussyhoof.

The tiny droplets fell tippytoppytap

The big ones went plopish

At times the rain fell slumberingishly

At others, frenzichaotically.

I lay next to the window gazlongingly

Looking at the merrdance of drops

Wishing I could outdoors be

Waving my limbs like a field of crops.


#NaPoWriMo# Day 17

Missing You


Shallow clouds float languidly,

The moon hangs low over the horizon,

Zephyr blows softly, setting the mood,

I am here all alone, wishing you were with me.

I lie awake as sleep eludes me,

Your thoughts fill my whole being.

The moonlit night looks sad,

The fragrant breeze gradually dies down,

The clouds drift away.

I curse such beauteous nights

That I spend longing for you!

When you are not by my side,

Nothing gives pleasure to me.