Hi everyone! I am a learner, a seeker, a reader and absolutely in love with words. I also think I can write poems.

I am Punam.

My Mission Statement

Fame and money are wily mistresses
They will try to be the masters of my destiny
I don’t want to have any truck with them
I would rather be a free spirit
Nor do I aspire for the obscurity of a textbook
To be butchered mercilessly for exams
I am happy if I can be your voice
Talking of your routine everyday life
Making you smile and occasionally teary-eyed
So that you when you read my heartfelt words
You exclaim, “By jove! That’s my life!”


79 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Punam–I’ve sneaked over here under cover of night (though Moon is nearly full!) to tell you that “Z” will have a moon poem for you (in about an hour and a half) at her new blog 🙂 ❤ Hope you are well!

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    1. You seem like a really interesting person. I really like the poem that you have written in your mission statement 🙂
      When you say that you shouldn’t be judgemental, I want to challenge you on that part.. Making judgement is an important part. Without it, you will never know who is a great company and whom should you avoid ( to avoid negativity for example).
      So I think you can love everyone but judgement is important for your own sake..
      These are my thoughts..:) Nice to meet you.

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      1. Thank you much Sarthak for reading and the follow.
        I agree making judgements is important but I think I forgot to mention that judging people is not. 🙂
        Hope to see you here more often. Nice meeting you too.

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      2. Oh Sarthak, it will be a long answer. Being judgemental on the basis of appearances, gender, actions, clothes, colours etc. is wrong, especially if they are strangers. When someone’s competence is to be judged on the evidence available, it is a different matter.
        This is what I feel, you are free to disagree. 😀

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      3. When you judge people… you depend on your own bias, yet fail to take this into consideration… so your judgement, is more so about yourself than the ‘other.’

        Change yourself… and your judgement would be different…


  2. Hi Punam, I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Your mission statement is something new and excellent.

    Btw, I’m Nathi, I’ve been blogging for many years. But recently, I launched my own website and I would love to know your thoughts on it.


    Looking forward to seeing you around!
    And have a great day!

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      1. You must be a pro at blogging by now. I’m looking forward to read more of your posts. And would love to see you around often!

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      2. Lol, no! Hardly a pro. I blog because I love to write and my blog is my safe deposit were I store my poems. But a beautiful thing happened…I have met some incredible writers and people here.
        I will be there in a moment.

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      3. Your humble words speaks volumes and I’m glad to have found your blog. Keep writing and be your awesome self!!

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    1. Aishwarya, all I know is I love writing and meeting people through their words. WordPress proved to be a perfect platform to be myself and write and read.

      Thank you so much for taking out time to read it. ❤️😊

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