Here, right here, I am just me…opinionated, honest, vulnerable, part silly, part playful and perhaps a bit judgemental at times (which I shouldn’t be…working on it). In my life outside WordPress, I am a lot of things to a lot of people, based on their perceptions. So, this blog is mostly about the real me…my feelings, my thoughts, my opinions and my truths. I am discovering more of myself through the written word which is mostly in the form of poetry. This is also my way of connecting with as many people as I can, to touch their lives, to entertain and maybe voice, what they can’t. I do hope my poems speak to you.

I am Punam.

My Mission Statement

Fame and money are wily mistresses
They will try to be the masters of my destiny
I don’t want to have any truck with them
I would rather be a free spirit
Nor do I aspire for the obscurity of a textbook
To be butchered mercilessly for exams
I am happy if I can be your voice
Talking of your routine everyday life
Making you smile and occasionally teary-eyed
So that you when you read my heartfelt words
You exclaim, “By jove! That’s my life!”

41 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Punam–I’ve sneaked over here under cover of night (though Moon is nearly full!) to tell you that “Z” will have a moon poem for you (in about an hour and a half) at her new blog 🙂 ❤ Hope you are well!

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