Breaking Free

Too long had I wallowed in nothingness

Too lazy to change the course of things

Promising self every day…

One day I will, I will one day.


Unsurprisingly that one day never ever dawned

Tantalized from afar

Beckoning me with a wicked smile

For it knew I had not the courage to face it.

Nor the stomach to take the consequences

I preferred  to shroud myself

Living a life half-lived

Wandering aimlessly.


Till one day

My hand out of its own volition picked up the pen

And my words came out like a gushing stream

Unstoppable,unquenchable, unrepentant

Irrevocable, iridescent, irreverent

Charting their own course

With nary a thought for me

And I sat back askance

As I watched them take a life of their own.


The First Step

Taking the first step

Is like a leap of faith

Like plunging in a cold river

Or tentatively entering a dark space

Frightening, exhilarating, heart thumping and daunting

All at the same time.

‘What if’ plagues you

You wonder if it is the right thing to do

The hesitation, the trepidation and the doubts

Surround you like a dark blanket.

And then you surrender yourself

To this overriding need

To be heard, to matter.

And you press the first key

To launch yourself

Into limelight, to censure and praise,

To ridicule and appraisal,

But it matters not now.

You are finally free of the shackles

You had bound yourself with.