It was a futile search

She’d checked everywhere she could

She just couldn’t find the file

She was usually very fastidious about important documents

Had learnt to be like that the hard way

After he had been snatched away by illness

She had not just lost her soulmate

Her everything was gone

Tired and exasperated she sat down

To mull over the consequences of misplacing the papers

As a last resort she decided to check

The drawer of the old teak cupboard in the storeroom

As she entered the dark room

Musty and dank smell assailed her

She opened the cupboard and her instinct had been right

There in the drawer sat the important file

As she was closing it, a muslin bag fell out

She couldn’t recall what was in it

As she opened it, her breath caught

And tears flowed unchecked

She sat there and gently caressed it

Packed in it carefully was her wedding veil

The lustre still intact after all those years.



One act of betrayal
Trust breached
Love compromised
Doors banged
Tears of anguish
Angry words exchanged
Accusations hurled
Charges traded
Egoistical stand
Silent treatment
Tormenting heartbreak
Permanent rift
Time may or may not heal
Forgiveness is never easy!

Day 22 : Betrayed


Tea time

It’s a rushed morning

As I put the kettle on

I have a hundred things on my mind.

You walk in, long hair tousled

Your dark eyes still heavy with sleep

And that slow smile

Tugging at my heartstrings.

To me you look like a vision

In my borrowed t-shirt

And your arm in the cast.

You wince as you pull out a chair

I rush to your side

Helping you ease into to it.

Your throaty laugh fills the home

You are amused

At being treated like a porcelain doll.

Kissing my nose you command

‘Make mine strong’

Tea at this time is farthest from my mind

I pick up my phone and call office,

‘My wife needs to be rushed to emergency, I’ll be late’

The glint in your eyes tells me

I will be very, very late.

When love comes calling

Whether it tiptoes quietly to make room in my heart

Or comes knocking, banging loud and clear

When love comes a calling

I know it in my bones!

The dichotomous feelings that flood my bursting with love heart

Have me smiling through tears

And tear up as I laugh

My sane, sensible self is served severance slip

Sent sulkingly to sit out silently

While the much in love diva takes centrestage

Pirouetting gracefully to unsung melodies

It is an exhilarating, exuberant and euphoric time

A time to daydream, a time to float on the clouds

Had I paid attention in school

I would have written paeans

about the chemistry we share

The hormones in flux

But I know it within the gap

between each of my heartbeat

It is much, much more than that

For our souls are truly connected

And that is how I know

When love it is!

Day 21 : How will I know


The Storyteller

The fabulist sat comfortably amidst

Adoring, attentive acolytes

He could spin stories skillfully

Dexterous, dazzling and full of delight!

As words flowed unhindered

His mobile face lit with myriad expressions

A fierce glow in his eyes

His hands moving animatedly

Weaving tales of fantasy and love

His heart swelling with emotions!

But when recounting tales

That told of human atrocities

His blood ran cold, his expression granite

For he had lost his only child

To such a dastardly, depraved deed

It filled him with seething rage

And ne’er could he forget the gruesome sight.

Time is Now

I was always in a rush when younger

Wanted to grow up fast

Eager to experience life

Live with no restrictions

Life seemed best in adulthood

Time seemed to crawl back then!

Then got busy taking time in my hand

Making moments memorable

Travelling, meeting, living, capturing

Living it up as it was called,

I was foolish enough to think

Time was in my grip!

Gripping those photos in my hand later

I try to recall those times

I can’t remember if I had fun

Or how it felt then

Engrossed in preserving

posterity pics

I forgot to live in those moments!

Moments go fleeting by

The realisation hits me hard

I can’t hold time in my hands

I can’t still it, am not time’s lord

When sight and memory fail

Words and photos will scant hold the time!

Time is now, in the present

I try not to forget this fact

No longer foolhardy or reckless

I live each moment fully

Totally immersed in each activity

As I live my life daily!

Daily I savour each word I read

Each morsel I put in my mouth

Each caress fills me with ecstasy

Each moment is fully lived

Living mindfully everyday

I no longer compete with time!

Time will not stop for me

I accept these circumstances

So I do what best I can do

I’ve made peace with the fact

Living the way I want to live

Sure, time can’t stop me from doing that!

Day 20: Time stands still