Skulking in the penumbra

waiting patiently for a chink to appear

then homing like a scavenging vulture

fear can scarce hide its glee

ever so subtle,

always waiting for a blunder

it shivers with delight

as it collaborates with suspicion

digging deep its talons

feeding on vulnerabilities

smothering every glimmer of reason

and leaving it a blubbering wretch

feasting on the carcass of sanity

it gloats contentedly at the mayhem unleashed.


Keeping warm

The winter of discontent has been long and harsh

the cold indifference accompanied by pelting hail of scorn

has made things unbearable

the fabric of nation is worn and thin

mistrust and hatred riddle it with holes

tightening it around leads to suffocation of freedom

a keen sight is needed

to identify the weak and tattered spots

it needs deft and gentle hands
to patchwork

with understanding and empathy

to energise the old with the new

to embellish and strengthen to create something that

provides succour and warmth to all

a quilting of all ethnicities

of love and acceptance

to keep at bay sure hypothermia of beliefs

that are the very core of our existence.


He tossed the crumpled goodbye
carelessly in her lap
and just as the sun dives into the ocean
for the evening dip
he jauntily walked out of her life
crashing the front door loudly
crushing her tender dreams
on the rough, gravel path

looking out of her backdoor
all she could see was sweltering darkness
not a speck of light to guide her
with satin smooth lily hands
she nervously removed the creases
and folded the goodbye neatly
to tuck it between
the synapses of life before and after his arrival
the ache that refused to die
held her spine rigid
the tears that pooled at the corner of her eyes
congealed into clear film over her skin
the frozen half smile coming unstuck
encased her grief forever.

You and me

You carefully arrange your emotions

neatly pinned close to your heart

hidden under the blank accoutrements

mine are strewn all over

haphazard and a bit over the top

mostly displayed proudly on my sleeve

your arguments are cogently presented

precise and to the point

to win always

mine are emotional outbursts

loud and raw but

still making a valid point

your words are deliberately selected

to gore and caress as well

depending on your mood

mine are impromptu riffs

sometimes dramatic

though mostly heartfelt

we are like an admix

of movie and theatre

of parry and joust

of sea and sand

of karmic action

combusting and exploding

to light our combined firmament.


The fondest dream alights lightly on my shoulder

snagging my interest and thought process

then flits away like a kite bobbing

taking me to the wonderland of utopia

my heart shouts hurray

so sure that I would clinch the rarely possible feat

of making an impossible aspiration come true

but just as quickly the dream vanishes

I am left grappling with

the false sense of hope it bestowed

haplessly I watch it flutter helplessly

before spiralling into oblivion

harsh reality taunts me

orders me to forget the extinct flame

but I cannot let go

for if there are no dreams

what will man live for?

The decade tag 2010-2020

I have been tagged by Sadje for The Decade Tag.

The Creator of The Decade Tag is Jesusluvsall’s Blog

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Share some highlights for you over the past decade and if you want, a few low points.

The last decade was one of slackening the frenetic pace a bit. Hubby stayed home for longer stretches. The kids entered teenage (sans the misplaced angst!)
I saw many in the family from the previous generation pass away. But the highlight was decidedly reuniting with school friends, all thanks to the social media. There are eighty of us in touch with each other and last year most of us together attended a few weddings of the kids of friends.

How are you planning to spend the next decade in improving your health?

Well, taking care of health, in earnest, started last decade with hubby being diagnosed with high blood pressure. I plan to continue with mindful eating and regular walks.

Have you noticed your tastes in music, literature and clothing change drastically over the last 10 years?

I wouldn’t call the change in my tastes drastic but yes, they have changed gradually.
I have started listening more to blues and folk music.
As far as books are concerned, I have lost my appetite for huge tomes. I prefer shorter, quick reads now.
My sartorial choices have become more in favour of bolder colours.

How would you rate your last decade in terms of achieving life goals?

Goals keep changing…you achieve one, there are others in its place! So yes, last decade was good but there are miles to go…

Do you think our planet will be doing well in the next decade?

I don’t want to sound like a carping Cassandra but looking at our leaders, I am filled with pessimism.
But common people fill me with hope and I do pray the collective efforts will make our planet more inhabitable.

Thank you for the tag, Sadje. Anyone interested in answering Sadje’s questions, please have a go.

The fourth estate

What was once a given

is now suspect

A completely dispassionate reporting

accountability to the public

is a daffy idea now

The watchdog has become a gazelle

giving in to the temptation of greed

falling nothing short of sycophancy

A handmaiden of the powerful

the press goes off on a tangent

on issues germane

Gone are the days of all or nothing

suffering from a crisis of identity

it equates patriotism with obfuscation.


They say it is not discriminatory

They say people are overreacting

They say they just want a piece of paper

They say it is as simple as that

But the mind boggles

How the numerous papers issued by them

Mean nothing now

A paper that I don’t have

Is supposed to establish my identity

I watch the slow death

Of democracy in broad daylight.

You can read about the provocation for this verse here.

Is right, right?

When thse who wield the power, stoop to conquer

And there are those whose conviction is their guiding light

When thoughts need a permit to express themselves

Then heart rebels with all its might

When those perceived weak have the strongest voice

And the powerful have blinkered sight

When people refuse to accept that grey exists

For black is not always black nor white is white

When the right presumably is not always right

But uses might to suppress what’s right

When there seems no light at the end of the tunnel

And there’s no sign of a morn after the darkest night

Then the flickering hope that resides in the breast

Refuses the bait of cynicism to bite

In the scheme of things hope maybe laughed at

But it gives despondency a good fight

For it knows hubris will one day meet nemesis

Shattered pride will all be left of the right

Because you can use sleight of hand sometimes

But cannot dim the truth burning bright.

Finding my voice

I draw curtains, switch off the lights

put away the gizmos

and disconnect with the world

I need isolation to connect with self

I need darkness to see within

the quiet to listen

to the timorous but persistent voice

that was being drowned by

the cacophonous clamouring outside

the voice of reason that was shouted down

by volatile, vociferous and vituperative vocals

nonplussed I had sat

on the fence of neutrality

balancing on a razor’s edge all the while

hoping things would change on their own

as I watched like a bystander

the chicanery of the overtly righteous blinded me

but the honesty of the ordinary emboldened me

bloodied but wise I step off the razor

and reclaim my space

to join those who are right

my voice refusing to stay muzzled

I finally find my voice to speak and to be heard

it may not be a roar but

it speaks in tandem with those speaking the truth

for in the end, truth always prevails!

Hello friends. I have been away longer than I intended to! Wishing all of you a very Happy year ahead. May the bushfires in Australia stop, may there be peace in the Middle East, may we all do our bit to save the environment and may the ongoing student unrest and protests in India end on a positive note.
It has been a long hiatus from blogging for me. I have missed reading and interacting with you all. I intend to catch up soon. I would also like to thank those who have started following my blog recently. I will surely visit your blogs soon.
I hope to be able to read and and write regularly in the near future.