When the world becomes too much for me

I prefer then to be with only me.

No company can be better than your own

To be able to explore own facets unknown.

For that you have to leave your baggage behind

Calm all your senses and have an open mind.

Quieten the voices clamouring to be heard

Listen to the inner silence, be deaf to the world.

Solitude is a wonderful place to be

When you are in touch with only me.

The quietude, the silence, the nothingness around

Is necessary to balance the din all around.

With too many voices and opinions crowding you in

It is better to log out instead of staying plugged in.

Listen to yourself, sing or read

Enjoy your own company to feed your need.

Once you are again in touch with self

Go reconnect with the world and forget yourself.



There are voices everywhere

Soft, loud, harsh, soothing

Raucous and raunchy

Mellifluous, cranky

Opinionated, thundering,

Judgemental and condescending

Creating a dissonance

Compounded by inability

To lend a patient ear.

Amidst this din

One lone voice

Uttering the truth

Striving to be heard

Drowns in the cacophony.

Not Easy

It usually doesn’t take much for mirth to turn into melancholy

A careless word, a suspected slight, pointed sarcasm

Or just nothing,

Anything can cause the rapid descent.

It is the turn around from melancholy to mirth which is not easy

Standing at the edge of abyss

Engulfed by waves of desolation

Teetering unsteadily

Trying to find a way out of the miasmic tenebrosity

That shatters the shroud of despair

And marks the return from the brink of oblivion

Is a Herculean effort.


The woods were dark and cool

The foliage thick and green

There was no sound

Except the crackling of twigs under her feet

And the sussurous stream slithering by

An oasis of tranquility.

The turmoil inside her was intense

Dark thoughts crowded her brain

Threatening to explode.

She plodded on nonetheless

Focusing on the outside

The serenity around calmed the clamour in her head

Till it was just a soothing sussuration

Something that she could live with.

Yo-yo diet

Have you ever noticed
When you are on a strict diet
The whole world seems to be conspiring against you.
Laying out a feast,
A riot of colours, aromas and tastes
Alluring you, enticing you
Intoxicating you and driving you crazy
Till all you can do is think about food frenzily
Forcing you to forget your fast
And binge like a glutton.
Ahh! The pure bliss that overcomes you
Quickly to be replaced by shame and guilt
And your life becomes like a seesaw
Following the highs and lows of dieting
Pushing and punishing self
Eating ravenously followed by deprivation
Till one day when all this makes you sick
The self loathing eating your innards
For it has become more about looks and less about health
That is when you decide to chuck it all
To accept and love your body
As it is.

I Bleed

The other day

When you broke my heart

You were in a rush to leave

I was left with nothing to do

So I crouched down

To gather the pieces.

The mosaic that is in the place of my heart


The jagged pieces leave me bleeding

But what hurts more is

A tiny piece remained embedded in your shoe.

Every time you tread, I bleed.