Falling in love

If I had one more heart

I would readily give it to you

And to you and

perhaps to you too!

But you see, the one I had,

Is already taken

Yet everyday, I keep falling in love

For my senses are so easily enraptured

I fall in love with your sunrise

I fall in love with my dusk

I fall in love with traditional cooking

When the heady aromas envelop

I romance aromatic baking

For it brings a smile on my kids’ faces

Makes my home smells heavenly

And store bought cookies replaces

I fall in love with the angelic tangle of arms and legs

now asleep without a care

Whose sibling rivalry and revelry fill my home

As well as my life and soul

I fall in love with your words, your turn of phrase

What you say and what you leave unsaid

I fall in love with the verses that reach out to me,

The stories that only your mind can create

Your unique experience that you kindly share

I fall in love with the pictures of blooms and pets you send

I fall in love with the magic of movies

And their world of wondrous make- believe

I fall in love with many a books

Their life like characters and their authors

And the belief and conviction that they portray

I fall in love with the music I listen to,

The singer, the writer and the musician

I fall in love with the raindrops falling

The overcast skies and the crescent moon

I fall in love hopelessly and completely everyday

And as my whimsical heart waxes and wanes in love

The one who captured my heart many moons ago

Sits in a corner looking indulgently

At the shenanigans of my wayward heart

He draws me close and holds my hand and says

” Your heart is not my captive, let it love and love freely

As long as I have a place in your heart

Accommodate as many loves as you can”

Thus, in freeing my heart, he captures it again.


Not so alone

Day 20: Mountains or Oceans

The sky is clear, not a wisp of cloud can be seen. There is not even a whiff of breeze. The sun is high above the horizon. The polished, glassy surface of the Atlantic reflects the sunrays brilliantly. It is only disturbed by the ship’s movement. We are a mere speck in the vast ocean. As I muse on how alone we are, my reverie is broken suddenly by a splash. A school of porpoises appears at the bow, delightedly splashing around. Their frisky presence is welcomed.

Solitude always
connects humans with nature
they see loneliness

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

Poetry form: Haibun


Day 19: Purple*

A deep shade of purple maybe today’s sky
I wish your pain I could mitigate
Don’t remain so distant, let me try!

It breaks my heart when I hear you sigh
Railing against the dastardly fate
A deep shade of purple maybe today’s sky!

Your suffering makes me cry
Let me share your sorrow’s weight
Don’t remain so distant, let me try!

For you I would utter a hundred lie
An infinity for you I can wait
A deep shade of purple maybe today’s sky!

Stop wasting time by asking why
Take all that has been offered, dear mate
Don’t remain so distant, let me try!

Forget the past, present whizzes by
Forgetfulness can be a wonderful trait
A deep shade of purple maybe today’s sky!
Don’t remain so distant, let me try!

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

Poetry form: Villanelle

* The colour purple denotes sorrow and suffering too!


Day 18: First time you were disappointed

I am my parents’ first disappointment

my birth left all their plans in complete disarray

that disappointment seeped deep into my soul

and from birth I have remained steeped in it!

None of my achievements

nor my accomplishments

could erode their despondency

the hurt and accusation in their eyes

blamed me for my chromosomes!

Disappointment corroded my innards

my tear dampened heart aggravated matters

my rusty, creaky, broken soul could not be fixed

and life seemed such a burden!

But I am a hardy one;

somehow bloomed despite the thorns

forsook my jittery ways

to embrace life-affirming ones

so when love came a knocking

I welcomed it with open arms!

Now having passed my dna to a cherub of angelic smiles

who is the ruler of my Kintsugi heart

I have got over my parents’ disappointment

by giving birth to an adorable, prayed for daughter!

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

This is not about me. But it is a sad reality for many a girl child in India. My disappointments seemed very trivial compared to the tribulations they face!

Midnight ramble

I stumble around in the dark mindspace
having misplaced my coordinates
lost in the womb of the ebony night
I think of the distant blue-blue skies
creepie-crawlies of all kinds
slither all over me in slow motion
making my skin itch and writhe
stalking spiders spin a web so strong
I struggle and thrash with all my might
burnt out with nary a single burn
I reach out to the distant skies
as I close my fist around my salvation
I wonder how lurid moss green is my blue!


Day 17: FAMILY

Father and mother always there
Through all times whether dark or fair
There was love as well as strife
But warmth the leitmotif of life!

Ah! The times we had as siblings
Giggling together or quibbling
There was jealousy and fights were rife
But warmth the leitmotif of life!

Marriage brought more ties to nurture
Love in the air and bright future
Not always best husband and wife
But warmth the leitmotif of life!

I am now a mother of two
Angels most times but devils too
Each day brings a new surprise
But warmth the leitmotif of life!

Life sans friends has no meaning
With chosen family, my life teeming
Tears, teas and sharing high fives
But warmth the leitmotif of life!

Yet another family I have found
In blogosphere’s hallowed ground
Most sweet, a few cynical types
But warmth the leitmotif of life!

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

Poetry form: Kyrielle

Time is words

Day 16: Father Time

Halt the clock
Halt the time
Time is relentless
Time is now
Now to live
Now to explore
Explore the world
Explore your soul
Soul is timeless
Soul never dies
Dies each moment
Dies as next arrives
Arrives the spring
Arrives the winter
Winter of life
Winter of discontent
Discontent leads to hate
Discontent can kill
Kill the time
Kill yourself don’t
Don’t mimic
Don’t ever stop
Stop the din
Stop the noise
Noise is life
Noise can travel
Travel through time
Travel light
Light as air
Light up your heart
Heart can be silly
Heart is love
Love conquers all
Love is life
Life is precious
Life is a gift
Gift your time
Gift a smile
Smile at strangers
Smile to win
Win not contests
Win over people
People don’t procrastinate
People don’t be careful
Careful with money
Careful with words
Words can hurt
Words can heal

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

Poetry form: Blitz

Power play

You have again declared a war of sorts
and refuse to be melted by my winsome ways
the invisible battle lines and your aloof manner
force me to stay in my designated domain
I wait for an opportune moment
to breach the barrier
we have played this game many a time
and we have never kept a scorecard of wins
the spoils, when truce is declared,
justify the tension thus created!