Falling in love

If I had one more heart

I would readily give it to you

And to you and

perhaps to you too!

But you see, the one I had,

Is already taken

Yet everyday, I keep falling in love

For my senses are so easily enraptured

I fall in love with your sunrise

I fall in love with my dusk

I fall in love with traditional cooking

When the heady aromas envelop

I romance aromatic baking

For it brings a smile on my kids’ faces

Makes my home smells heavenly

And store bought cookies replaces

I fall in love with the angelic tangle of arms and legs

now asleep without a care

Whose sibling rivalry and revelry fill my home

As well as my life and soul

I fall in love with your words, your turn of phrase

What you say and what you leave unsaid

I fall in love with the verses that reach out to me,

The stories that only your mind can create

Your unique experience that you kindly share

I fall in love with the pictures of blooms and pets you send

I fall in love with the magic of movies

And their world of wondrous make- believe

I fall in love with many a books

Their life like characters and their authors

And the belief and conviction that they portray

I fall in love with the music I listen to,

The singer, the writer and the musician

I fall in love with the raindrops falling

The overcast skies and the crescent moon

I fall in love hopelessly and completely everyday

And as my whimsical heart waxes and wanes in love

The one who captured my heart many moons ago

Sits in a corner looking indulgently

At the shenanigans of my wayward heart

He draws me close and holds my hand and says

” Your heart is not my captive, let it love and love freely

As long as I have a place in your heart

Accommodate as many loves as you can”

Thus, in freeing my heart, he captures it again.


Lies and truths

A lie’s antecedents

have no firm soil to hold on to

having been birthed in fertile chicanery

it gets a new lease of life

every time it is spoken

thus never dying

each time it is passed on

it is embellished artfully

further embroidered upon

with utmost dexterity

pretty things are accepted readily

so it perseveres

whereas the poor truth has no chance

it is a solid, bare, plain fact

whichever way you look at it

it remains constant and unchanged

makes others squirm uncomfortably

showing a mirror no one likes

its homeliness no match

against the pretentious lie

thus dying a slow death.

The day’s journey

The day crawls at an abysmal pace

made a scapegoat of sun’s wrath

sapped of energy, it barely breathes

the wind lies curled beneath a barren tree

looking for sanctuary amongst parched grass

the denuded earth, without its green canopy, sizzles

unable to regenerate itself

a few clouds passing by

moved by its pitiable state, shed a few tears

which are like the kiss of life

helping it to reach dusk before fading away

it will be back tomorrow, for that is its fate.

Your thoughts

Often late at night

under the incandescent stars

I sit with your thoughts

it is quiet all around

the world is asleep

the moon dozes secretly

your thoughts come unbidden

holding my hand comfortingly

I sit with them and a glass of wine at times

they seem to enjoy my hospitality

sometimes we sit in companionable silence

at others I get a bit teary-eyed and emotional

the instinct at such times is to banish them

but they help me tide over

the crushed dreams of desires

as well melt the snow

that often falls in my heart.