Falling in love

If I had one more heart

I would readily give it to you

And to you and perhaps to you too!

But you see, the one I had

Is already taken.

Yet everyday, I keep falling in love

For my senses are so easily quite enraptured

I fall in love with your sunrise

I fall in love with my dusk

I fall in love with traditional cooking

When the heady aromas envelop

As well as I romance baking

For it brings a smile on my kids’ faces

And my home smells heavenly.

I fall in love with the angelic tangle of arms and legs now asleep

Whose sibling rivalry and revelry fill my home

I fall in love with your words, your turn of phrase

What you say and what you leave unsaid

I fall in love with the verses that reach out to me,

The stories that only your mind can create

Your unique experience that you kindly share

I fall in love with the pictures of blooms and pets you send

I fall in love with the magic of movies

And their world of wondrous make- believe

I fall in love with many a books

Their life like characters and their authors

And the belief and conviction that they portray.

I fall in love with the music I listen to,

The singer, the writer and the musician

I fall in love with the raindrops falling

The overcast skies and the crescent moon

I fall in love hopelessly and completely everyday

And as my whimsical heart waxes and wanes in love

The one who captured my heart many moons ago

Sits in a corner looking indulgently

At the shenanigans of my wayward heart

He draws me close and holds my hand and says

” Your heart is not my captive, let it love and love freely

As long as I have a place in your heart

Accommodate as many loves as you can”

Thus, in freeing my heart, he captures it again.



His announcement caught her unawares

Like a mean uppercut under her chin

She couldn’t have ducked to save her heart

From breaking into a million shards

But her pride couldn’t let him see

How devastated and distressed she was

She straightened her spine of steel

And bid him a final goodbye

With an empty feeling slid on the cold floor

Faced with the onerous task of

Collecting all the broken pieces

Of the thing called heart.

Losing Religion

The high priest sat on a high hill

Humility’s halo highlighting his demeanour

Pontificating about the evils that ail

The neophyte turned acolyte sat at his feet

Enamoured by his insights, imbibing all

Honoured to be the recipient of deep discourse

Feeling blessed for a glimpse of nirvana

But when he saw his guru hobnobing

With those who he had publicly decried

He lost his religion and his faith

And now, swears by none but the devil.


Standing on the edge of your words

I feel like an intruder

I do know your collection of words

Is in public domain

You want it to be read

And read I do avidly, as per plan


There are times, when I feel

I am an accidental eavesdropper

Or a voyeur, whose guilty pleasure is

Glimpsing into your life

And yet

I feel one with your pain as well as joy

For I am also a purveyor of my dreams.


The cold wind slaps my face

With a sharp rebuke

Harsh winter runs its icy finger

Down my spine

Freezing feelings

Turning my fingers into icicles

My heart into a frozen icebox

All the vital signs at a crawl

Slowing and shivering.

Thoughts will thaw

When kissed by the spring

Taking over the reins

Allowing me a free run

To spread my wings, to imagine

With my face up to the sun

Feeling its warmth seep in.