Another day, like the one gone by

so not unlike the others before

segueing shamefacedly, silhouetted

against the abnormal new normal

held captive, not by oppressive heat or gelid winds

but fear and concern

loneliness, my unwilling mistress

sometimes drowning me in a downpour of misery

at others keeping me awake

staring at the skies through the polluted haze

my craving for human touch is intense

I look around the room

well, I have a picture pinned to my wall
an image of you and me and we are laughing
and loving it all

seems from another lifetime

memories etched deeply on my fragile heart

I am on the edge, teetering towards the inviting oblivion

clinging desperately to a modicum of sanity

the phone rings, shattering the frangible silence

“join zoom!” hisses harried sibling,
her tone dripping with blame

as my mind weaves between reality and fantasy

I see mom, frail and bewildered by technology, sitting in front of a cupcake

breaking into a beatific smile at the loud chorus of happy birthdays

I touch the screen trying to feel her wrinkles

saved by the phone call and her distant presence

atleast for the time being.


What do you see # 57 November 23, 2020

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #122: the phone call