Sailing away

Painting by Edward William Cooke, Venice, A November Evening in the Lagoon (1859)

The gelid golden glow of dusk
hides in its bosom tears of blood
the schooner is finally set to sail
far-off lands beckon with fervour

hiding in its bosom tears of blood
untold stories of separation and love
far-off lands beckon with fervour
restless heart beats to the rhythm of the seas

untold stories of separation and love
burnished memories like a beacon of hope
restless heart beats to the rhythm of the seas
remembering the pain reflected in teary eyes

burnished memories like a beacon of hope
in the gelid golden glow of dusk
remembering the pain reflected in teary eyes
the schooner is finally set to sail.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Merril, has invited us to write an ekphrastic poem to some very interesting paintings.


Feeling fuzzy ( a quadrille)

(From Bright Side)

When dark wintry thoughts plague
I snuggle into your comforting words
to feel sanity restored

The quilt of your reassuring words
is enough to keep me cosy
during harsh cold nights

Your forever loving embrace
is the talisman that always
keeps me warm and safe.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Li, has asked ust write a quadrille including the word “warm“.

Don’t tell me I never told you!

Ere we err in moving ahead faster rather than slower
just thought I would let you know
I may look laidback, lazy and a pushover
but don’t push your luck too hard
I can give back as good as I get;
when I am mad, just stay afar!

I am mostly pleasant and happy-go-lucky
but when I am down in the dumps
dealing with me can be somewhat tricky
just leave me alone and I wil be fine
I need no cosseting and coddling
I can jolly well take care of what is mine.

There is just one thing that I cannot tolerate
and that is falsehood of any kind
for lies have the power to lacerate
even the strongest of any relation
don’t say I never warned you
with me, you better tread with caution.

Written for Sadje’s wdys.

Giving thanks

Winter’s indulgence
indulgence of life’s transience
transient tastes triumph

triumphant nature
nature’s gifts reaped together
to gather to toast

toast, waffles and jam
jampacked is family do
doing mother’s will

Written for Sadje’s wdys, Eugi’s moonwashed musings weekly prompt and David’s W3 (a chain verse of at least 3 haiku including the word mother, by Aishwarya). Sharing at dVerse OLN.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate.

Night after night

(From Pinterest)

Last night, like most previous nights,
elusive peace sat at the bottom of the bottle
looking at me with the same pensive eyes
an enticing smile on her amber lips
the ebb and flow of discontent
that was capped within
begged to be emptied
such prayers are not meant to be denied
I relieve her from tumult every night.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today I am the host and we are writing a poem which is connected to drinking. Read about it here.


From that first like to the latest follow
(let me confess I find that word hard to swallow)
The fuzzy flurries that fall favourably
Febrile mind feels flattered unashamedly

Basking in the dappled, silken lines etched in kindness
The overcome heart searches for new words of gratefulness
Insufficient though “thanks” may seem
With appreciation this heart does beam.

Please know that each comment, each like and each visit means so much to me.
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PS : It is not a good bye post.

Why doesn’t it suffice?

Two letters
One word
A complete sentence
A “NO” needs no suffix
No prefix
No explanation.
A no is a no is a no
Get it !!!

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, says:

As we’re here, in mid- November, I thought it might be fun to pay tribute to Thomas Hood’s poem. Just in case I get a resounding “no” from you, here are some options:

1. You could take a line from this poem and use it as springboard for a new poem. Golden shovel it, or use it as the first line – or even the title.

2. Just say no. There’s something you want to take a stand against, something you want to stand up and say “NO!” to. Maybe it’s pollution or global warming, or something political, or the way your next door neighbour plays prog rock at full blast at 3am. Whatever it is, get it out of your system and into a poem!

(I’ve gone with the 2nd option.)

My husband is home after sailing for six months. As a result my writing and reading will be a bit more erratic and sporadic than before. Please bear with me.

Battle ready (a quadrille)

From PNGwing

Dreams wrought in the fires of reality
roots entrenched in terra-firma
need no wings to soar

Yet, wind they are; your insults
impetus to embrace self
and stubborn refusal to wallow in
wretchedness. I withdraw from victimhood
by switching positions;
winning battles my way.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, De, has asked us to write a quadrille using the word, wing.


He stood there hands folded

Head bowed reverentially

Eyes closed devoutly

Lips murmuring an incantation.

He was his first

And the last resort

He had always turned to him

In good times

As well as bad.

He was the praying sort

Had always been.

His prayers were oft not heard

But his faith was unshakable

Today of all days

He needed intervention the most

It was a matter of life and death

But there was only inscrutable, godly silence

Like always.

Written for Sadje’s wdys.