Stalker stalked

This is in response to Ray’s stalking challenge. You can read the rules here.

The brownie in the plate winked at me

I glared at it and made towards the boiled veggies

But the brownie wouldn’t leave me alone

It jumped on my friend’s plate and grinned at me

I turned away and made my way to the water cooler
The brownie was there already laughing at me.

Unable to resist it any longer
I decided to chuck my boring diet

As I made to the plate of brownies

I saw the last one being taken away by my secretary

I followed him hoping to get a bite

I surreptitiously tried to swipe it away

But my covert operations fell flat

When with a chuckle the brownie disappeared in his mouth.


This post is in response to the daily word prompt possibility.

There seems a blooming possibility
I’ll be away from my beloved wp
No writing or reading
As I attend a wedding
But once I am back, I promise to catch up in a jiffy.


This post is in response to the daily word prompt squabble.

She sat sulking in a corner
He stalked out of the home angrily
Another day, another squabble
There life was surely becoming predictable.

They were not like this before
Instead of anger, love would flow
But things had changed drastically
They were at each other’s throat basically.

The kids had flown the coop
And the money came in a trickle
She felt helpless and bereft
He was frustrated and stressed.

No wonder their relationship was strained
Squabbling at the drop of the hat
It seemed they would carry on like this till death did them part
She, a crotchety old hag and he, a surly mean fart.

Three-Day Quote Challenge Day Three

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu

Three-Day Quote Challenge:

I was sometime ago nominated to participate in the three-day quote challenge by the amazing Blackbird of wandering thoughts.


Thank the person who nominated you.
Post a quote for three days.
Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Thank you Blackbird for the nomination.

I extend invitation to all the visitors to take it forward if they feel like it.

मेरा हमदम / My Sweetheart

बचपन से अब तक, जो था साथ मेरे

अंधेरी रातों में दानवों को भगाया जिसने

मुझ पर नींद की गहरी चादर ओढ़ाई उसने

मेरी नींद को दिए जिसने मीठे सपने

और फिर उन सपनों में सतरंग भरे

जो मेरे थके सर को अपनी आगोश में ले ले
मेरी तन्हाई में मुझे सीने से लगा ले

और जब मैं हूँ सोच में, तो गोद में लेट जाए चुपके से।

सर्द रातों को जिसे लगा लूँ मैं गले से

जो मेरे आँसुओं को रात के अंधेरे में जज्ब कर ले
कभी रात भर की सरगोशी का गवाह बने

और कभी तकरार दौरान दीवार की तरह तने

मेरी सिसकियों को अपने सीने में दफन कर ले

और गुस्से में जो दो चार लातें भी खा ले

फिर भी उफ न करे न ही आह भरे

मेरे दुख – सुख का सदा साथी बना रहे

वो और कोई नही, मेरा तकिया ही है।

खुशी के पल हों या हों गम के

मेरा साथी, मेरा हमदम मेरा तकिया ही है।

From childhood to now, the one who has been by my side

Who has frightened away

monsters on dark nights

Covered me with the blanket of deep sleep

The one who gave me sweet dreams

And then filled them in rainbow hues.

The one on whom I can place my tired head
Embraces me in my loneliness

And when I am in deep thought lies quietly in my lap.

The one who I cuddle with on cold wintry nights

And who wipes my silent tears in the darkness

A witness to whispered sweet nothings at nights

As well as a barrier on some,

Lets no one know of my sobs

Gamely accepting a few kicks when I express anger

But still says nothing and accepts all gracefully.

My steadfast companion in sorrows and happiness,

Is no one else but my pillow.

Forever with me, my sweetheart,my pillow.

Broken heart

This post is in response to the daily word prompt dalliance.

(Couldn’t resist another one)

Heartbroke and pensive she sat alone
Gathering pieces of her broken heart,
Bloody and shrivelled, scattered everywhere,
She knew not how to put them back.
Wary of love
She had shied away at first
Rebuffed his advances
Wrapped her heart tightly.
But he had been persistent
Wooing her with flowers, verses
And the gaze filled with longing.
His eyes were her ultimate undoing
Floored by his verses and his hypnotic eyes
She melted bit by bit
Surrendering her heart and her body
Loving him with abandon.
Once she was his,
He lost interest gradually
For him the thrill was in the chase
It was just a dalliance,
A massage for his ego.
With the conquest under his belt
He moved on.
And she sat there gathering the pieces
Which she will never be able to put back.