Hi everyone!

Just wanted you all to know I am taking a break from blogging for a while. It could be a few days or stretch to a month.

I am well… emotionally, mentally and physically. I just need to be with myself for some time. You could call it a vacation away from digital devices!

My prompts on Saturday on Ragtag Community will be posted as usual, but I may not read your posts. So please forgive me in advance. I also apologize to those who may leave comments on my previous post.

Comments are closed on this post, otherwise I will keep responding and reading your posts in return and never be able to get away! 😉

Stay safe and stay blessed. Forever grateful for all the love and support.



Sometimes hope dangles by a slim thread
I cling to it tenaciously
But the thread does break at crucial times

Sometimes the truth punches me in the gut
Breathless and beaten, I still get up
But the urge to lay sucker punched is too strong

Sometimes optimism sits timidly at my door
I have to let it in
But pessimism gives it a vicious fight

Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it
But then I need something to live for
Or do I?

“How far does optimism go?”

Likes but no visits

Whose likes these are I think I know
Their blog is on WordPress for sure
I do not see them stopping by my blog
But like my comments on others’ blogs, though!

My perplexed mind thinks it queer
To read my words from afar and not near
Between a like on a comment and my post
The distance is of just a visit to the reader.

If they like my comments spontaneous
Imagine the joy of visiting my verses ingenious
Which I so painstakingly craft
For sharing happiness is infectious!

I wonder if the shadowy exploration is random or by design
I must admit liking comments on others’ blogs is no crime
But my comment on another blog is just soupcon
Why not visit and read my writing sometime!

My verses are my legacy in words
To insinuate you are missing something is absurd
But your likes remind me you are lurking somewhere
Gives me a feeling of being stalked for better or worse.

(With malice and offence to none, a tongue in cheek rant and apologies to all for this appalling nod to a much beloved poem!)


Sitting on the edge
of a high-rise ledge
dangling my legs

I feel the breeze in my hair
as I watch the stars make their
long journey as they flare

waiting patiently for that exact moment
when the night meets the day for an instant
to exchange that kiss so hesitant

I want to catch the sunlight
as ephemeral as a sprite
bringing so much delight

carefully cradling it in my outstretched palm

wanting to put this in your arms
but this is a gift, not alms

thus on your bulletin board it goes
pinned along with love notes
a ray of light that glows

so that when you wake, at whatever time,
it suffuses you with warmth sublime
this sight so truly divine!

Faerie time

shivering moon’s shadow pales

in the silhouetted hoary vales

the stars silently dim their light

the drowsy flowers unaware of the blight

in the fog dreams quietly fade

as a fey spirit hides in the shade

the woods inhabited by a phantom shape

a fae, maybe! who knows who is behind that verdant drape.

Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt – “Fairy” August 10, 2020


This tricolour flag, the edifice of our democracy,
that benevolently blankets us
let’s not dull its bright colours with misplaced jingoism
and let’s not stoop to delinquent chest thumping
let’s not unnecessarily flex nationalistic muscles
let’s not today have facetious verbal duels
nor indulge in schmutzwortsuche*
to hurl choicest abuses on the critics
let’s not sully the sacrifices of the martyrs
for the harvest that we reap today
nor be despondent about how things are
the country and the government are not usually synonyms
let’s be discerning citizens,behave responsibly
and not take our independence lightly!

Sadje, this multi-prompt verse is for you!

The emperor

The emperor is without his clothes

but his blind followers can’t see that

he has hoodwinked them into thinking

he is attired in silken robes of sacrifice

the truth is, his naked

self-aggrandisement is flaunted proudly

fawning flunkies with fervid ferocity

denounce and denigrate all detractors that are

anyway abysmally few and far between.

He walks like the Colossus

striding over confidently ahead because

the rest behave like pygmies

he swats opposition like flies with vitriolic criticism

his street smart chutzpah has massive following

fed on the false promises of deliverance

they are in a trance like state

transfixed by the unnaturally flamboyant hubris

flammable and racist speeches

have turned them into rabid, misogynist trolls

spewing lies, deceit and hatred

If you are a passive bystander

brace yourself for apocalypse now!


The glitter and the razzamatazz
on the exterior
has most fooled most of the times
the clothes, the persona, the face I present ;
your perception of me
is based on what you see,
more importantly what you want to see!
a goddess, a doormat,
a whore, a punching bag,
a mother, a sister,
a daughter or a wife
an endless list of roles assigned,
that I never asked for!
but you never see me as me
without any suffixes or prefixes.
mired in the marsh of misconception
I start to believe what you think of me
I spend my life on the scraps
of so called freedom
that you begrudingly bestow
which in any case was never yours to give
or mine to ask
it was just there for everyone
and I should have taken it as my right
but I was made to believe
it is not right to question the status quo
so today when you ask who am I
I am as clueless as you!

What do you see # 42- 10 August 2020

Mad Love

On Kate’s suggestion sharing an old post, especially for new readers, in response to Fandango’s Dog Days of August prompt…your favourite food.


I look away, then I look again

Can’t keep my gaze averted

Your allure too hard to resist

My fantasies built around you

I am ready to ditch my stoicism for you

Your seductive power over me

Liquefies my insides

The bittersweet madness overcomes me

The erotic sensations engulf like forest fire

I have to have you

To hell with what the world says

Do not disturb me

As I satiate

My maddening love for chocolate.

Day 8: Moments of madness

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