Two limericks on the daily prompt: dim.

It is no use singing, praising the lord hymn

The situation wherever you look is pretty grim.

You can’t escape reality 

There is no equality

The prospects of survival are pretty dim.

The lights were dim and the mood was set,

Soft music was being playing by the quartet,

She alighted from the stairs

Cynosure of all stares

And broke into hip-hop to everyone’s utter regret.


Let’s Get Real

Once the euphoria is over

You are left wondering,

Did I imagine that bonhomie

Or was it just a facade, a covering?

Meeting childhood friends

Always evokes nostalgia.

We see pictures of laughing friends

Plastered all over the social media.

So we take time out of our tight schedules

Wanting to create our own such kodak moments

Thus we plan lunch/dinner dates

And gleefully post pics for likes and comments.

We meet and laugh at shared memories,

Are curious about the present,

As we catch up with each other’s lives

We feel its time well spent.

But most times after these warm meets and photo ops 

We are back to our own comfortable clique

Busy and maybe wary to start

Out of old acquaintance a new friendship.

It is not possible to be on the same equation

With all the friends from past

At times past prejudices are difficult to get rid of

At others the chasm remains deep and vast.

But there are times when new friendship blossoms

And you wonder why ever were you not friends back then,

Meeting up is truly a blessing

With people on the same wavelength, once again.

You also reconcile to the fact

That your best friend and you are not in touch.

Distance and changing circumstances

Have played their role in it as much.

Don’t feel left out if someone shows,

Disinclination to connect.

If he/she has no time for you,

Then its not worthwhile to reconnect.

There still will be some

Who feel they are too good to mingle with the rest.

Let them be and don’t  grudge their meetings

For to stay away from such is best.

Its alright not to like the whole lot

And meet a few selectively.

Lets not be apologetic or secretive about it

But accept this truth gracefully.

So let’s rejoice in the times we meet

And not worry about the times we can’t meet up

Or wonder about those with excuses

For the loss is theirs for sure, yup!

Embrace all inspite of their foibles 

For there is something about a childhood friend,

The easy camaraderie, the tongue in cheek ribbing,

Which makes such a friend, godsend.


As soon as they hear the news

They are there like vultures

Looking for a juicy piece of meat,

To rake up TRP numbers.

Sound bites, close-ups and the panning of crime site,

Routine work, they do every day

To feed the voyeuristic audience

Their daily dose of people gone astray.

They congregate wherever

There’s something newsworthy.

Trying to be the first on scene,

No sign of pain, revulsion or empathy.

No More Tears

The start of life is soaked with tears,

Tears of pride in the father’s eyes,

Tears of pain and joy in the mother’s eyes.

The baby bawls its heart out,

The relatives’ eyes well up with relief.

And so the journey begins.

Punctuated with tears every now and then.

Happiness and heartbreak go hand in hand

Bringing forth wet smiles or copious tears.

And so sallies ahead life, full steam

Interspersed with teary eyes.

There are more occasions of happy tears

A few devastating moments too.

But it is finally time to say, no more tears.

People will come and people will go.

Life will occasionally throw a curve ball.

Irreparable losses will occur,

And so will heartswelling joys.

When you took pleasure in joys that came your way,

Don’t question the sorrows that find their way to you.

The trick is to accept all with equanimity,

Secure in the knowledge that this too will pass.

If happiness could not reside permanently,

Nor will sadness remain forever.

So let life take you on a roller coaster ride.

Laugh hard and let there be no regrets.

For tears often cloud clarity.



Remember, how we fought when we first met?

You hated my guts 

And I your arrogance.

We quarreled about every thing.

And yet it were as if we were drawn to each other

By forces beyond us.

Loving as well as hating

We spent many years .

Till we both took paths

Which led us away from each other

Because staying together was

Tearing us apart.

It took time,

But eventually love, career, marriage  and kids came.

So much has happened since we last met.

And now after all these years,

Bumping into you unexpectedly.

What is it,

If not astral intervention?



Words have lost their rapier thrust

     They don’t cut through me

Gestures rude are meaningless

         I just ignore them

Violence does not make me flinch

        I am indifferent to it

Loss no longer leaves me wild eyed

         It can’t hurt me further

Death does not break my heart 

For my heart encrusted in pain

            Stopped beating

                   Long ago.



The more I try to distance myself,

The closer I am.

The more I try to forget,

The more I remember.

The more I busy myself,

The more free time on my hands hangs.

The more I sleep,

The more I am wakeful.

The more I try to laugh,

The more I cry.

Whatever I may do,

Your absence is a constant reminder

Of all that I have lost.

And whatever anyone may say

Remembering you is the only constant

In my tumultuous life.



Wakefulness in place of sleep

Gastronome pleasure in place of health

The much desired promotion at any cost 

Increasing bank balance instead of family time

Keeping up with Joneses at the cost of peace of mind

The pursuit of vote bank at the expense of environment

Megalomanic schemes at the cost of world peace.

Paying a heavy price for what we assume is success

As we set forth to tame and conquer the world

We stoop, we compromise

We go on sacrificing what is important 

In the mistaken belief that what we hanker for

Will buy us everlasting happiness.

Thus ending up with 

An emptiness within, restlessness and bad karma.