It’s been longer than intended

Hello everyone.

It has been more than three months since I have written anything. These past couple of weeks every time I tried to write something, I either drew a blank or wrote something very soppy and sentimental.

So I will try to keep it dispassionate and factual and start from where I stopped. On 25th Feb night we had to rush our 13 yrs old son to emergency as he had fainted and became unresponsive. We were told he had had a severe episode of Diabetic Ketoacidosis. We did not know what it meant. It was explained to us that it meant the onset of Type 1 diabetes in my son. You can imagine our shock and disbelief as we don’t have any diabetic on both sides of our family.

(Ironically, though India is known as the diabetes capital of the world (as it has a large number of Type 2 diabetics), we hardly know much about Type 1.)

I will not rail against the unfairness of my situation here but let me say no child should face this affliction. When I embraced motherhood after a long struggle against my own body, I surely didn’t sign up for this. But then, this is life.

Thus I gave up syllable counting for carb counting. I will not bore you with my and my family’s struggles. Our grief is our own to deal with and process. I would have written earlier to apprise you all and thank you all for your love, best wishes and prayers but then Covid struck. All four of us were down. Mercifully, the kids were asymptomatic and hubby and I did not need hospitalisation. But the situation in our country was grim and continues to be bad. The virus raged indiscriminately and there was no dignity in death. So many lives were lost because we were not prepared. The larger grief of my countrymen put mine own in perspective.

I thank you all once again for leaving kind words, for visiting my blog again and again, for mailing to me. You all are my support system and I hope you will continue to be there for me.

I am keeping the comments closed as I know I won’t be able to reply to all. I will start visiting your blogs too, as soon as possible. I may not leave comments but will surely catch up as much as I can.

I have no verse to share today as I haven’t written any poem these past few months. I share the one written earlier about my son.

My son

His giggles are infectious

His guffaws, genuine and guileless

Two years short of teenage

Unabashedly romps around in nakedness

Lacking in social finesse

Abounds in curiosity and inquisitiveness

Scattered interest in everything

He astounds with his advanced inventiveness

Voracious but selective reader

Getting scolded for apparent inattentiveness

Squirrels away nuggets of information

But ridiculed by peers for cleverness

My son, my pride

Fills me with eternal gratefulness.

Waking up amidst alien surroundings

Whose high rise is this I think I know
he resides I think on exotic foreign shores though
he may not take kindly to my illegal humble house here
which the municipality uprooted and callously did throw!

His overseas schooled kids may think it queer
to find my colourful house so near
between the posh location and manicured park
this dark night of this strange year.

I could not but help but feel like a fake
surrounded by ostentation when I did wake
I certainly don’t fit in this milieu
rehabilitating me here was a mistake.

The surroundings are alien, intimidating and not cheap
I have to find a job that I can keep
and miles to trudge before I can think of sleep
and miles to trudge before I can think of sleep.

What do you see # 70- February 22 2021

(With apologies to Robert Frost and anyone who is offended by my verse🙏🏼)

I am learning

I am learning after an age it is difficult to bend
I am learning some relationships I need not mend

I am learning life flows irrespective of me
I am learning sometimes it’s best to just be

I am learning I have become a sum of all expectations
I am learning not all actions require knee-jerk reactions

I am learning I can lurk in the shadows
I am learning I can miss a few curve balls life throws

I am learning unlearning is an improvement
I am learning moving sideways is also a movement

I am learning to champion causes close to my heart
I am learning to not bother about the popularity chart

I am learning stopping and leaning is alright
I am learning the sun needn’t always be bright

I am learning to allow life to overwhelm me
I am learning chaos allows me to thrive and be me

I am learning life is not a sumptuously laid banquet
I am learning it is often better as a picnic laid on a blanket

I am learning to not dictate all my words all the time
I am learning to flow with them oft times

I am learning to undress the metaphors of life
I am learning it’s okay to unravel a bit in strife

I am learning to keep things simple relatively
I am learning I have outgrown the need for complexity

I am learning to bench some irrelevant thoughts
I am learning I may not always be able to connect the dots

I am learning numbers really don’t matter
I am learning to happily trade them for chatter

I am learning having most follows could be a dubious distinction
I am learning to un-follow some without compunction

I am learning I am surely no atlas
I am learning I can live without all the fuss

I still have to learn to stop when the going is good
and not push my luck too far that I am misunderstood!

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: I’m learning…

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Champion – February 18, 2021

Stalker stalked

Reblogging an old post for Kate’s Friday fun – diet.


The brownie in the plate winked at me

I glared at it and made towards the boiled veggies

but the brownie wouldn’t leave me alone

it jumped on my friend’s plate and grinned at me

I turned away and made my way to the water cooler

the brownie was there already laughing at me

unable to resist it any longer

I decided to chuck my boring diet

as I made to the plate of brownies

I saw the last one being taken away by my secretary

I followed him hoping to get a bite

surreptitiously trying to swipe it away

but my covert operations fell flat

when with a chuckle the brownie disappeared in his mouth!

This is in response to Ray’s stalking challenge. You can read the rules here.

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Suspended time

The image, forever frozen in time
is imprinted indelibly on my mind
the city of love that denied me love
returns to haunt me every then and now

holding that moment in my palms
I watch time unfurl its whorls inexorably
the piercing tendrils touch my face not so gently
my memories are followed by a trail of sighs

my past colouring the present
future remains a slate so blank
the static of my soul presses pause
I suspend the hourglass and the tick-tock freezes

days and nights lose their meaning
I refuse to acknowledge their acceptability
the sun, the moon and the stars are but
unwanted intruders in the entr’acte of my life

I choose to live in this suspension
till I find words
to leave my mark and stain the moments.

What do you see # 69 -February 15 2021

Components of time

The urge

Beethoven’s string quartet plays in the background

adding to the melancholic beauty of the morning

the way gentle sun rays sleepily peep in

through the window to finally settle

on the vase with a single white rose

which is on the verge of disintegration,

is so pulchritudinous, that it makes me want to cry

I furiously blink away the dampness

as we sit across each other sipping morning tea

the only sound one can hear

is the clattering of teacups on the plates

and the rustle of the newspaper

the veritable silence before the storm

a keening begins in my chest constricting my throat

and thunderous, vituperative thoughts clamour my mind

I am ready to confront him unable to take it anymore

he looks up from the newspaper and smiles beatifically

and the moment passes.

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: Urge

The first hint of a romance

Your unwavering gaze on me

leaves me flustered and unnerved

I drop the book and stop mid-guffaw

and though I am not the blushing kind

I feel heat travelling up my neck

confused and tongue-tied, I look away

but a sidelong glance finds

you are still looking my way

a half smile hovering in the vicinity of your lips

a dark lock of hair across your twinkling eyes

eyes that echo my feelings

and I swear my heart somersaults

for it is not a fantasy but for real

it seems I am in luck

as the passion seems to be lit both ways

you say something to others nonchalantly

but the roar in my ears is loud and drowns your voice

I breathe in shallow bursts

feeling chilly and hot by turns

none of our friends notice anything

with trembling fingers I gather my books

hugging them to my errant heart

I want to linger but quietly slink off

before my eyes can give my heart away.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance🌹 – February 11, 2021


I had been persistently warned

playing with fire was no fun

but I still swallowed the sun

my words now leave lacerations

my touch third degree burns

my lone tear like molten lava runs

leaving putrid diamonds all along

the sputtering that goes on inside me

can dwarf the fire of all the galaxies

my eyelids bear the weight of glowing charcoal

drooping and wide open at the same time

restlessness like temperature climbs

I believe I swallowed the mercury along with the sun

which now runs through my ice cold veins

my fingertips emanating flames

the planetary triangle of tangled moon, mercury and sun

entwined forever in my palm

I play with blisters without any qualm

maybe this is the truth of today

maybe it was all a mistake

maybe the golden orb is a flake.

Friday Fun – solar


Proud and unbending; that is me
and see how you are soaring with my support
I had been very clear from the beginning
you don’t have to be rich to be my girl
you don’t have to be cool to rule my world
but you have to be malleable to my way of thinking
had I been an emotional cesspool like you
we both would have wallowed in nothingness
It has taken me years to mould you
to change your internal wiring
and erase your history of pliancy
I don’t care if I sound immodest
that I pulled you back from the brink
of being an average, anonymous person
if you are admired today and eulogized
it is because appearances matter
they see just the surface; tranquil and beautiful
they can’t see the turbidity beneath
let’s not go there and let’s not talk of
bruised self respect and things inconsequential
I brook no opposition of any kind
I take rightful pride in what I have made of you…
a glorious reflection of me.

What do you see # 68 – February 8 2021