(From Pixabay)

Mesmerizing eyes
establish sole sovereign rights
heart a willing slave.

Written for David’s W3. This week’s winner Ami asked us to use “sovereign” and “rights” in our verse.


Duelling duo ( a quadrille)

Sylvie Brodi

Inverted questions dangle
by their tittles in her gaze
his downward lashes
try to rummage answers
amongst the papers
strewn on the table

feeling the deep umber stare
contrite bourbon eyes look up
her queries quietly curl their toes
drowning in the twin pools.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Björn, says: So today you are to write a Quadrille, 44 words which have to include the word eye in the main body of the poem.


When dreams decided to desert my eyes
they left without as much as a by your leave
the monotone void is now bereft of all hues.

My eyes continue to stare widely gazing in disbelief
the inky blackness is an abyss of anguish
where all todays crash into oblivion.

Tomorrows are neither promised nor expected
the bleakness is a wind that blows relentlessly
nothing stings the eyes any more.

The crafty tears, seeing a vacancy
quickly flood my eyes, filling the void
but are unable to flush out memories of those dreams.


Chocolate eyes gaze steadily
My eyes ask, “Me?”
He thumps his tail
My innards quail

It is colder than a witch’s teat
Chilly poor feet
Wait, my eyes plead
He pays no heed

My eyes rebuking, out we go
I can’t say no
He lays warm head
On raw feet dead

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Grace, says: write the minute poem.

The elements of the Minute Poem are:

1. narrative poetry.
2. a 12 line poem made up of 3 quatrains. (3 of 4-line stanzas)
3. syllabic, 8-4-4-4   8-4-4-4   8-4-4-4 (First line has 8 syllables of each stanza.  Remaining lines has 4 syllables in each stanza)
4. rhymed, rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff.
5. description of a finished event (preferably something done is 60 seconds).
6. is best suited to light verse, likely humorous, whimsical or semi-serious.