Echoes of pain

A confrontation
is a bottomless abyss
unwelcome ripples

anguish reverbrates
waves of anger wash over
close eyes to forget

tracing name on heart
rapier sharp memories
draw not blood but soul

Written for Sadje’s wdys.



(From Cooking Light)

Winter time
pickling greens and roots
freshness and
for long-lasting enduranceĀ 
main ingredients

Wash, pat dry
then trim chop and cut
let them bask,
sun and shrink
gently rub with seasoning
let steep in the brine

for a week or two
sweating then
plumping up
in own juices with spices
sweet, sour, savoury

Tart flavours
a firm favourite
lip-smacking taste enhancers
my soul a-tingle

Piquant notes
palate a-tickle
dance merrily on my tongue
am satiated

Utter bliss
tingling tanginess
a gustatory gala
so gratifying

Tart flavours
Palate a-tickle
A gustatory gala
Am satiated

(From Vogue India)

Written for David’s W3. POW Sylvia says:

  • Write a shadorma, up to seven stanzas long;
  • Topic: Favorite food/s to prepare and/or eat


From that first like to the latest follow
(let me confess I find that word hard to swallow)
The fuzzy flurries that fall favourably
Febrile mind feels flattered unashamedly

Basking in the dappled, silken lines etched in kindness
The overcome heart searches for new words of gratefulness
Insufficient though “thanks” may seem
With appreciation this heart does beam.

Please know that each comment, each like and each visit means so much to me.
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PS : It is not a good bye post.

Love soars

The heart doth soar free
transcending all divisions
love’s flavours beckon

The heart doth soar free
boundaries provide breakthrough
fervour replenishes

transcends all divides
imbues dreams in vacant  eyes
revives hope anew

love’s flavours beckon
joy; hesitant visitor
stamina restored

Written for Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge. Joining Jim’s Thursday Inspiration, Fandango’s FOWC and Ragtag’s this week’s prompts.

This troiku is inspired be Li, who writes fabulous troiku.

Shadows ( a quadrille)

(From Getty Images)

Beclouded by moody mist
the lake hides blighted shadows adrift
frenetic shards of light gleam
subdued ripples silently scream
Beware, Beware, Beware!

intricate silhouettes do scare
fearful birds take flight
flicker afar stranger lights
fetid fog falls on fallows
the monstrous triumph on Hallows!

Written for dVerse quadrille. Today’s host, De, has asked us to use the word scare. Also doffing my hat to my Ragtag community.

A tryst that wasn’t

Off they went into shroud of mist
a day break tryst
no prying eyes
no need for lies

So inviting; fruit forbidden
they were smitten
gentle, morn light
oh so quiet!

Alas! raucous birds‘ noisy racket
they pulled jackets
traced back their steps
their tryst a hex!

Written for Sadje’s wdys, David’s W3 to Lesley’s prompt (a humourous minute poem) and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge.

(Will catch up with reading tonight)

Whisk affairs

(My own)

Whisk affair

When my mind is in a whirl
unable to stay in line
I then give my whisk a twirl
shifting focus works each time

shaky hands calmly measure
exactness begs attention
deftly effecting erasure
of the nerve-racking tension

as vanilla marries nutmeg
and butter embraces flour
I beat blues as I beat eggs
sugar counters my mood sour

My worries scatter and dart
as I wield my trusty whisk
mellowness cradles my heart
the sweet, warm smell a balmy mix

satiated sighs, leftover crumbs
are my craven heart’s refuge
when depredation makes me numb
baking, antidote to news deluge.

Written for Mel.