Not so supermanly but humanly

Soaring temperatures, sweltering heat
Two lonely old superheroes out on the street
No sign of rain and the infernal capes
Looking for something cooling, whatever it takes!
They spy an ice candy man and shout with guttural glee
Startling the poor man and making him flee
Slurping on the ice cream with obvious relish
Doing foolish things can be so delish!


The whirlwind of his words
though expected, always knocks me down
leaving my knees weak and wobbly
scattering my composure like a bundle of straw
the slurry of alcohol and contumelious derision
pours forth contemptuously
from his frothy, sneering mouth
the tar black viscosity of toxicity
crushes me with the ferocity of a ton of bricks
then dribbles down deep into my denuded heart
corroded and misshapen beyond recognition
creating a stygian worthlessness
tongue tied and petrified, I stand rooted
facing the obnoxious aural onslaught
spleen spent, he staggers away
my timorous soul wrings it hands
bemoaning the lack of courage at disposal
but promising resolution in future
which, in truth, eludes with regularity every time.

I am learning

I am learning after an age it is difficult to bend
I am learning some relationships I need not mend

I am learning life flows irrespective of me
I am learning sometimes it’s best to just be

I am learning I have become a sum of all expectations
I am learning not all actions require knee-jerk reactions

I am learning I can lurk in the shadows
I am learning I can miss a few curve balls life throws

I am learning unlearning is an improvement
I am learning moving sideways is also a movement

I am learning to champion causes close to my heart
I am learning to not bother about the popularity chart

I am learning stopping and leaning is alright
I am learning the sun needn’t always be bright

I am learning to allow life to overwhelm me
I am learning chaos allows me to thrive and be me

I am learning life is not a sumptuously laid banquet
I am learning it is often better as a picnic laid on a blanket

I am learning to not dictate all my words all the time
I am learning to flow with them oft times

I am learning to undress the metaphors of life
I am learning it’s okay to unravel a bit in strife

I am learning to keep things simple relatively
I am learning I have outgrown the need for complexity

I am learning to bench some irrelevant thoughts
I am learning I may not always be able to connect the dots

I am learning numbers really don’t matter
I am learning to happily trade them for chatter

I am learning having most follows could be a dubious distinction
I am learning to un-follow some without compunction

I am learning I am surely no atlas
I am learning I can live without all the fuss

I still have to learn to stop when the going is good
and not push my luck too far that I am misunderstood!

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: I’m learning…

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Champion – February 18, 2021

The first hint of a romance

Your unwavering gaze on me

leaves me flustered and unnerved

I drop the book and stop mid-guffaw

and though I am not the blushing kind

I feel heat travelling up my neck

confused and tongue-tied, I look away

but a sidelong glance finds

you are still looking my way

a half smile hovering in the vicinity of your lips

a dark lock of hair across your twinkling eyes

eyes that echo my feelings

and I swear my heart somersaults

for it is not a fantasy but for real

it seems I am in luck

as the passion seems to be lit both ways

you say something to others nonchalantly

but the roar in my ears is loud and drowns your voice

I breathe in shallow bursts

feeling chilly and hot by turns

none of our friends notice anything

with trembling fingers I gather my books

hugging them to my errant heart

I want to linger but quietly slink off

before my eyes can give my heart away.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Romance🌹 – February 11, 2021


I had been persistently warned

playing with fire was no fun

but I still swallowed the sun

my words now leave lacerations

my touch third degree burns

my lone tear like molten lava runs

leaving putrid diamonds all along

the sputtering that goes on inside me

can dwarf the fire of all the galaxies

my eyelids bear the weight of glowing charcoal

drooping and wide open at the same time

restlessness like temperature climbs

I believe I swallowed the mercury along with the sun

which now runs through my ice cold veins

my fingertips emanating flames

the planetary triangle of tangled moon, mercury and sun

entwined forever in my palm

I play with blisters without any qualm

maybe this is the truth of today

maybe it was all a mistake

maybe the golden orb is a flake.

Friday Fun – solar


Proud and unbending; that is me
and see how you are soaring with my support
I had been very clear from the beginning
you don’t have to be rich to be my girl
you don’t have to be cool to rule my world
but you have to be malleable to my way of thinking
had I been an emotional cesspool like you
we both would have wallowed in nothingness
It has taken me years to mould you
to change your internal wiring
and erase your history of pliancy
I don’t care if I sound immodest
that I pulled you back from the brink
of being an average, anonymous person
if you are admired today and eulogized
it is because appearances matter
they see just the surface; tranquil and beautiful
they can’t see the turbidity beneath
let’s not go there and let’s not talk of
bruised self respect and things inconsequential
I brook no opposition of any kind
I take rightful pride in what I have made of you…
a glorious reflection of me.

What do you see # 68 – February 8 2021


Tyranny acquaints us with the deepest despair
despots never stop from repeating their mistakes
trying to subjugate everyone to rank capitulation
using brute power and the machinery of state

Hubris struts around, brazenly fear mongering
reason and righteousness softly tiptoe
in such a gloomy scenario they quietly retire
for the victory of the oppressor is taken as a given

In the darkest of darkness when nothing is visible
in the coldest of winter when frigid winds blow
in the furthest corner where ultimatum pushes
the timorous soul sings in a tremulous voice

Gathering frail courage from note to note
as hesitant other voices join in, haltingly first
the song becomes a rallying cry for the oppressed
soaring up and high beating down all walls.

But the obstinate tyrant refuses to retreat
for drunk on absolute power, he is blind absolutely
bully pulpit misused by bumbling bedlamite
never expecting a fight back as a repercussion of tyranny.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Winter – February 4, 2021

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: repercussions

After you left

My door drooped with depressing delusions

contemplating a complete close down

the flimsy curtains vainly tried to shoulder the pain

only their innate exuberance kept them feebly fluttering in the breeze

soft whispers lay entrapped in the dilapidated walls

never sleeping yet unable to force the issue

keeping my eyelids pinned open, staring vacantly

congeries of emotions lay congealed on the cold marble floor

I bit into a slice of pain drying on the windowsill

the back of my throat, drier than a desert, ached endlessly

the sheets on the bed crumpled like cracked glass

leaving longitudinal lacerations on my naked body

lightning failed to illuminate the penumbra of my fragmented heart

So I sit under the shroud of stars every night

as the wolf moon joins me in singing dirges till the morning

the sallow sun saunters into my courtyard

dropping a bowl of pity in my lap

the voiceless scream that had been tapping in my chest

sinks to my stomach tiredly

my muddled mind is a morass of emptiness

unable to take a categorical stand

I cradle the un-grieved losses in my arms

the futility of living never more unbridled than now.


I sit still

your angry words wash over me

I shiver with chills.

Words that drip from my fingers unbidden

refuse to slide down my tongue

I choke on them.

Always retreating mutely

never comfortable with arguments

silence my retort.

Tears traumatized by your temper

find a realise at night

my sodden pillow holds many secrets.

Anything can spark

accusations, finger pointing

flogging dead horses.

Painfully pedantic

you fly off the cuff easily

wreaking vendetta at the unsuspecting me.

Emptying your bowels of vitriol

calmness descends on you

I am left seething.

This casts long shadows

on the love we share

chinks begin to appear.

I know I am not the problem

your past causes insecurities

yet your diatribe hurts.

But “we” is more precious than you or me

so I start (with great difficulty)

a fight back.

Staying quiet no longer an option

communication holds the key

dawning of newer milestones.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Dawning – January 21, 2021

VJ’s Weekly Challenge: The other side

Another poem was published in the Visual Verse. You can read it here.