Story time (OctPoWriMo)

Day 26

Prompt: Speaking and listening

Form: Free verse

As winter chill creeps stealthily 
into pleasant autumn nights
it is time for cosy evenings
of hot cocoa and story times
children dressed in warm flannels clamour for an engaging tale
all eager-eyed and twitching ears
granny sits draped in a pashmina shawl
she loves retelling the forgotten fables
another hearer quietly patters in
ever ready and an avid listener
ears cocked, head tilted to one side
glasses on and a warm woollies on
seeing the quorum of future story tellers complete
with a satisfied gleam in her eyes
granny begins spinning a yarn
“Once upon a time in ancient India….”

In rememberance (OctPoWriMo)

Day 23

Prompt: Honouring the loved ones

Form: Unbounded quatrain

The weeping rain cries in rememberance
so does the shrinking tide
I had promised to shed no tears
You will find me mostly dry eyed.

My heart is too full  to speak
I won’t deny, tears do prick my eyes sometimes
but moving on is the only way. I console
myself with the thoughts of all the good times.

Sadly time does not bring relief as promised
nor does it ease the throbbing pain
all it may do is dull the ache momentarily
the rules of living without you do constrain!

Memories remain etched so sharp
Through the swirling mists of time
However ephemeral, life does seem like a celebration,
every now and then, when I feel your hand in mine.

Ode to gooey indulgence (OctPoWriMo)

Day 12

Prompt: Ode to something you love

Form: Ode

Thou oozy overload of sweetness,
Thou sisterhood of deliciousness and lusciousness.
A mere gourmand can’t thus express,
A flowery tale more sweetly than my rhyme:
What perfect torus is thy shape;
No mortal, nor immortal can be immune to thy charms.
In the confectionery shops dotted across the worlde,
What pâtisserie chef worked magic with simple dough?
What piece of baked goody art thou?
What gustatory gratification you generate?

Eaten goodies are sweet but those uneaten,
Are sweeter; therefore ye sight for sore eyes, stay on;
I pray, play with my senses no more!
Sugar dressed beauty, I canst leave thee alone,
Thy allure is beyond compare!
How do I count the ways that I yearn for you?
Fathom no one can, the depth of my longing.
My bold lips yearn to kiss thy scrumptious skin
The untold bliss that you have coated my soul with;
Is unparalleled elsewhere in this universe!

Ah! Delirious do I feel as I bite into
The pillowy softness of perfection!
My eyes close on their own with ecstasy;
As a cavalcade of flavours dances on my tongue.
The unselfish gooey creaminess is something to die for!
I care not if death knocks at my door in this moment of indulgence.
Fie! I say to anyone who tries to warn me about your so called imperfections!
Jealousy is known drive man to unknown nadir;
I dare anyone to make perfidious or calumnious claims against you!
I worship the altar on which you sit queen like;
My day incomplete without a visit to my majesty,
Long live your exuberant voluptuousness!

(Inspired by Keats’ odes)

Fantastical journey (OctPoWriMo)

Day 2

Prompt: Explore

Form: Decastich (a poem in ten lines)

Perfunctory air-kisses under the watchful eyes of curious kids
Our awkward hugs were always at the doorway
Craning over the overstuffed portmanteaus and backpacks
Though inside I was coming all undone!
Your wanderlust making you restless
These past two years with the world going topsy-turvy
Your heart longing for the deep secrets of sea
We embarked on a fantastical journey
Our contraption, in all its splendour, ready to take off with clangs and bangs
Hey world! Here we come!

(I will be posting a poem or maybe two everyday this entire month. I look forward to your support and encouragement, at the same time I understand that reading every blog is not possible! Drop in whenever you can.)

Walk down memory lane (a pantoum)

Let me hold your tiny hand once again
I want to relive those idyllic days once more
Let us walk down the elusive memory lane
When you were my little angel, oh so pure!

I want to relive those joyous days once more
To fill my pockets with memories of your childhood
When you were my little angel, so very pure
I just can’t believe you are stepping into adulthood!

To fill my pockets with memories of your childhood
Those sun filled days of carefree gurgling laughter
I can’t believe you are stepping into adulthood
My little doll is all grown-up, of age from hereafter.

Those sun filled days of carefree, gurgling laughter
Let me make a gallery of reminisces once again
My little doll is all grown-up, of age from hereafter
My heart is filled with such a sweet pain!

Let’s walk the gallery of reminisces once again
Let’s chase butterflies one more  time
My heart is filled with such a sweet pain
Let’s catch sunbeams and hear woods chime.

Let’s chase butterflies one more  time
Let me send you off with a heartfelt smile
Let’s catch sunbeams and hear woods chime
Your journey will be long, cover it mile by mile.

Let me send you off with a heartfelt smile
Though melancholy smites  my poor heart
Your journey is long, cover it mile by mile
And I will from afar play my part.

Though melancholy smites my poor heart
I cannot but be happy for you
And I will from afar play my part
It is now your life to live and pursue.

I cannot but be happy for you
My dear little angel, oh so pure
It is now your life to live and pursue
But let me hold your hand just once again!


In the ever changing kaleidoscope of life
greys crowded out all the vivid hues
colours bled from my luxuriant dreams
leaving them dully monochromed

dizzying joy, quirky warmth and undying passion 
were the gifts bestowed on me
I floated dandelion like on the soft breeze of contentment

as a parting gift
the heartbreak that was unexpectedly tossed my way
shattered me beyond repair
closing all doors on me

I gather my fragmented self decisively
I acclimatise myself to the cloudy climes
getting ready to take a plunge
into the uncertain ocean of living again
learning to dance with the rains

these days storms sustain my resilient heart.

Are we two

It surely does make

everyone’s head spin

same without

but what of within?

if I were you

and you were me

would life be the same

or a surreality?

we are different

we can’t be alike

we have our own minds

we are quite unlike.

mirror images

we may seem

each other’s shadow

we can’t be!

two bodies with

one heart beating

two minds never

as one, thinking.

Yet what binds us together

is our unique identity

I would ne’er wannabe

your exact carbon copy.

I am not much enamoured

of the idea of being you

I would rather be me

and have you as you.

La life sans frivolity

There they sat, on a high pedestal
considered an epitome of good virtues
Gandhi’s three monkeys they were fondly called
gifted inanely to all as preferred statues!

Tired of being good and shunning evil
one fine day they decided to go away
hatched an impudent plan so audacious
all by themselves they flew to the US of A!

City of Las Vegas their chosen destination
they wanted to make the most of their trip
the idea of casino hopping filled them with glee
suited and booted they went to the strip!

As they sat excitedly on the blackjack table
their eyes widened at the opulence around
the amount of money exchanging hands there
pleonexia running rampant totally unbound!

Uncomfortable with the vices that had a free run
all around them corruption was rife
quickly they covered their eyes, ears and mouth
see, hear, speak no evil was a better mantra for life!


As I stumble again over my tangled shoelaces
wondrous memories light up the canvas of youth
time is fluid and my mind lucid
as I ramble through the lanes of past
a hint of the fragrance of carefree laughter
causes a lump in my throat that refuses to go
the freaky four they called us behind our back
our strangeness, the elephant in the room
nobody had the courage to address
we were unstoppable
no kakorrhaphiophobia, no feeling of insufficiency
my clumsiness never an issue
secure in each others’ quaintness
world warriors we were
then fate spun a whirlwind so intense
scattered across the globe we lie
the magnet of uniqueness keeping us aligned
I wipe my tears with a sigh hoping to see them before I die.