Single-mindedness (OctPoWriMo)

(From Pexel)

Day 21

Prompt: Discipline

Form: Acrostic

Daring to dream of dedicating life to the craft
Is certainly not as easy as it seems
Setting goals for self and then walking on the
Chosen path; two banks of a river at times
Intent to bridge the gap always there
Perseverance is sometimes in short supply
Life’s plans and mine often don’t coincide
I am forever looking for a median track
Not meeting deadlines I do hate
Efforts continue to fall in line with the objectives.

Guest Emotion

Gung-ho, attractive and daring
Unexpectedly arriving with an overflowing portmanteau
Eager to occupy the vacant space
Stealthily making way to the heart on the bias
Tricky love puzzled mind also does abduct!

Making its arrival known with a lot of fanfarE
The lips flutter in a smile like a blooM
The silly heart dances with gustO
Tattooing only one name in the chesT
Then suddenly it leaves without an alibI
The mind again feels like a stupid bozO
Taken on the same old ride once agaiN.

Written for dVerse.

Lillian says:  I challenge you to either write a poem that in some way relates to a puzzle you’ve been faced with, or includes the word “puzzle”; or try your hand at an Acrostic; or extra points if you write an Acrostic Plus!

A double acrostic and acrostic plus.