Forlorn, forsaken, alone it stands

loneliness resides now in its once vibrant grounds

this house was a home once

ringing with laughter and voices

pattering footsteps, whispered secrets

boisterous debates, guttural guffaws

serenading songs and comforting silences

It was the scene of serenity and tranquillity,

of get-togethers and meetings,

of anniversaries and soirées,

of hurried breakfasts and languid dinners,

Sunday brunches and sometimes takeaways

a kids’ haven, a wife’s domain

a man’s refuge and a shelter for the elderly

welcoming and peaceful

a place, where weary heads when laid on the pillow

awakened invigorated and rejuvenated

It was bright and warm on a cold night

beckoning invitingly with its cosiness

in summers its cool confines provided solace,

soothing heart and mind

the smell of baking inveigling the senses,

smell of freshly laundered clothes, flowers in vases,

just like it should be

in a home.

and then, everything ended

it is now a mere shell of itself

quiet, desolate and abandoned

life moves on relentlessly, inexorably

and strangely,

turns homes into houses in its wake.



Stop the din in my head

Stop the clamouring

The constant hammering

Can’t you come one by one

Why do so many of you come all at once

You hound me in my sleep too

I often wake up with a start

Sweating and clammy

Stop please

Specially the dark ones

Depressing me beyond words

You cloud my clarity

And blanket all light

Pushing me in a limbo

Give me some peace

A few moments of blankness

Where I could immerse in nothingness

Just nothing

And come out clean

Remove your tentacles

Suffocating me no end

They choke all the happy ones

Driving them far away

From where they never return

I am left shivering

Even at high noon

My spine turning into an icicle

Ready to snap anytime

Go away

Please go away

Let me cleanse my body and soul

In the heat of the moonlight

And air all crevices and nooks

Remove all cobwebs

Maybe happy thoughts will then

Decide to reside.