Seeking self

Stillness I seek within me
Stirrings deep let me not rest
Stifling them, I die bit by bit
Stilted all my words become

Sifting my headstrong heavy heart
Signs of buried pain I find
Sighing I begin to let go
Sinking into pity no more

Soreness slowly subsides and heals
Soaking into forgiveness helps
Sorry no more I feel for self
Soul searching finally brings peace

At dVerse Poetry Form, Grace has asked us to write in the Traditional Mongolian Meter. Read more about it here.


End of Summer Scavenger Hunt (8)

Val of A Different Perspective is running the End of Summer Scavenger Hunt, where we have to write 13 poems in August in the prescribed form on the given topics.

12. Abecedarian on Self discovery

Adrift, aimless, on the vast seas of life
bungling most of the time
careless and carefree
dawdling as I skimmed the waves
everyone warned I would remain a drifter, but what
fun is there in being a part of the herd
growing up by the rules made by the others
held little appeal to my sense of
individuality that wanted to bloom
justifiably in its own glory
knowing too well it would have unlimited scope
luckily books proved to be a safe haven
making solitude a safe place to be
nurturing a love for words which
over a time became a release
pivotal in turning an interest into a passion
quietly penning my innermost thoughts
rhyming the beats of life
stanza by stanza discovering new nuances
traversing untrodden paths
until I felt I knew who I am
vain I am not but I know
without a doubt now myself better
xenium are my poems, offered with love to
you, you as well as you
zealously I will never guard my words!