Journeying in a linear line
her life was wholesome and carefree
unhampered by the hard edges of living
embraced with passionate gusto.

Before her plane intersected with that of other people
she was just another pebble on the beach;
shorn of rhetoric, steeped in reality
skipping under the shady trees.

She could not run parallel with expectations
the geometry of life required fresh perspective
armed with nothing but her skills
she tried to hush the rising panic.

Feeling boxed and suffocated by toxic relationships
(beguiled though she was by them once)
she realised, ever changing dimensions of existing
needed to be tackled with enhanced tools every day.


Making better

The sleepy-sloppy ones in the morning
The hurried ones before rushing to school
The tired ones on return in the afternoon
The unexpected ones melting my heart
The warm snuggles at bedtime

The tight ones
The forced ones
The perfunctory ones
The rolling eyes ones
The light as gossamer ones
The making up ones
The ‘love you’ ones

The days when doubts plague
Disenchantment lingers and heart’s fragile
My kids’ hugs make better those days
Simple pleasures that light up my life
Making everything seem so worthwhile.

Apprehension in the air

Trouble brews afresh
turning the blue skies red
sun sidles behind
the diaphanous haze
of disquietude
scared songbirds scatter
schizophrenically; portents of quietus
democracy and disease
stalk life. Angsty but dejected
youth look out for
a messiah to deliver
unaware of the saviour within.

In India omicron has been given a carte blanche with the decision to hold elections in five states in February and March. The virus is, as it is, going dizzy with delirium here because 1.38 billion people live cheek by jowl. We are a happy hunting ground for the Virona!

Light me a lamp

Light me a lamp, dear one!
not just when the nights are dark
but even on the brightest of days
sometimes the sun blinded by
its own luminescence
needs light to be able to shine light

Light me a lamp, dear one!
when one by one each hope is plucked
to be bruised like petals
by the hands of childish fate
soothing light is the salve most needed then

Light me a lamp, dear one!
the scented secrets shining in the eyes
have lost their sheen
the incessant flow of tears curtains the luminosity
let the flame reflect in them

Light me a lamp, dear one
truth cowers in the opacity of lies
unsure and unsung, sinking into oblivion
all it needs is a glimmer
to come into its own once again

Light me a lamp, dear one
untold miseries may rain on me
life may carry distress in its reticule
this tremulous, flickering light
holds a promise of tomorrow

Light me a lamp, dear one
let me uncoil the mysteries of life
wrapped in brittle, yellowing paper
the twists and turns of labyrinthine
life I will navigate stoically
gift me the light of friendship
to guide me onwards always.

I hope 2022 is better for all of us. May we all continue to look out for each other, hold each others hand in the blogosphere and have the resilience to ride the rough times. A very Happy New Year. Stay you, stay safe.