Sonnet 611 (OctPoWriMo)

Day 16

Prompt: Love (or not!)

Form: Sonnet

Marriage of true minds is all bunkum;
On seeing impediments in its way,
It proves to be not at all fair dinkum,
With trepidation it does quail!
Nor is it as steady as the north star,
In the wide inky star spangled sky.
Easily shaken by even a tempest in a jar,
Incapable to withstand every how and why!
Love is surely Time’s fool, when beauty wans
Ravaged by its relentless march.
Love flies out of the window if visits to salons
Fail. Unable to withstand Time’s forward charge.
If at all thee thinketh love can last forever,
A bigger fool than thy, can there be never!

(Taking liberty to turn sonnet 116 on its head😅)

Guest Emotion

Gung-ho, attractive and daring
Unexpectedly arriving with an overflowing portmanteau
Eager to occupy the vacant space
Stealthily making way to the heart on the bias
Tricky love puzzled mind also does abduct!

Making its arrival known with a lot of fanfarE
The lips flutter in a smile like a blooM
The silly heart dances with gustO
Tattooing only one name in the chesT
Then suddenly it leaves without an alibI
The mind again feels like a stupid bozO
Taken on the same old ride once agaiN.

Written for dVerse.

Lillian says:  I challenge you to either write a poem that in some way relates to a puzzle you’ve been faced with, or includes the word “puzzle”; or try your hand at an Acrostic; or extra points if you write an Acrostic Plus!

A double acrostic and acrostic plus.

Your words

As I slip under the satin sheets

your words whisper softly into my ears

they dance enticingly in front of my eyes

they laughingly mock me having invaded my head

all I can now do is to surrender to them

and let them gaze at me lovingly

trace gently the contours of my heart

caress passionately my feverish soul

and explore every fibre of my being

culminating in dazzling fireworks

that make the moon blush, light up the skies

and set your tempestuous ocean afire.

For dVerse OLN


The etiolated petals,

(as fragile as a butterfly’s wings),

a testament to our innocent love

have stained the yellowing pages

of your epistle of love

folded neatly within the leaves of a beloved book

lying next to my bed since you gave it to me

as I run my fingers over the now barely visible lines

my lips move silently to the words imprinted on my soul

but no longer scarring my heart with rapier sharpness

what remains is just a twinge of regret for what could have been

didn’t someone call Time, the healer!

the curve of my smile gets deeper

enfolding within it

our undying devotion to each other

life can be beautiful and brutal by turns

these petals and yellowing pages are the shrine

I turn to during transient tumultuous times.

The seas at my doorstep

Bone-weary but contented, when you return
you bring the vast seas to my doorstep
roaring capriciously and then tranquil, by turns
The tempestuous tides are forever interwoven
moving rhythmically with your heartbeats
responding automatically to the pull and push of the moody moon
The coarseness of the sand I feel on your palms
tingles my senses with gentle abrasion
The unfathomable depth of the oceans
reflects in your eyes
hiding subtly the underlying passion
I taste the sweetness of the brackish seas on your lips
a taste defying any definition
The sea and the moon are forever bound
sometimes close, at others afar
leaving my landlocked home awash with sea spray always.