Echoes of pain

A confrontation
is a bottomless abyss
unwelcome ripples

anguish reverbrates
waves of anger wash over
close eyes to forget

tracing name on heart
rapier sharp memories
draw not blood but soul

Written for Sadje’s wdys.


Where dreams had died and…

I am in his city after a long, long time
my impudent feet, despite my stern command,
traverse the same old path
they had taken some twenty years ago

It is a surprise that the place still stands
despite the modernization whirlwind
I make for the same corner table
the gladioli in the crystal vase
bring back memories that need exorcism

I order a bottle of Zinfandel to quieten the ghosts
as I wait, I glare at the textured walls
that snag my tortured thoughts
which have gone into a tailspin
listening to Cale in the background

There’s no buzz of conversation
as it is a slow Monday
discreetly under the table, I kick off my heels
and I can swear they sighed inaudibly
being caressed by the cool marble floor 

“Still the barefoot goddess!”
the voice from the past that could liquify my heart!
exasperated with my imagination
I shakily reach for my glass
he slides into the chair opposite me and just sits there_

biting my lips I try to contain the decades old maelstrom inside
it threatens to spill from my eyes
looking intently and earnestly into my welled up eyes,
he says, “Please let me begin from the beginning…

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Merril, says: So today, in my father’s honor, I invite you to write a poem of any style about a restaurant.

I have made peace with pain

(From Pexel)

Pain visited me occasionally
like a migratory bird;
it was seasonal.
I never liked her visits but
she threw joy in sharp relief.

Then her visits became more frequent
she liked to perch on my soul
trilling her melancholy song
the deep ache in my heart burgeoned taking roots there.

These days pain and I are inseparable
she lurks behind my smiles
she tinges my happiness with grey
she stays awake with me on moonless nights.

I have learnt to savour
each single sliver of happiness more
no longer immersing myself
completely in exultation
I live on the periphery of jubilation
with pain shining a light on
little pleasures to be lived to the fullest.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host Ingrid says: What I would like you to do for this challenge is a kind of therapeutic exercise. I do NOT want you to open any old wounds which are too painful to approach, or torment yourself by reliving painful moments. Let’s always keep in mind Wordsworth’s definition of poetry as ’emotion recollected in tranquillity.’ If you are able to, I want you to revisit a time in your life when you have felt pain (emotional or physical, acute or chronic) and come out on the other side stronger. As hard as it is to go through, we learn from our pain and grow as a result of it. So let’s examine the personal and artistic growth which can be achieved by finding the silver lining behind the cloud of suffering.