Journeying in a linear line
her life was wholesome and carefree
unhampered by the hard edges of living
embraced with passionate gusto.

Before her plane intersected with that of other people
she was just another pebble on the beach;
shorn of rhetoric, steeped in reality
skipping under the shady trees.

She could not run parallel with expectations
the geometry of life required fresh perspective
armed with nothing but her skills
she tried to hush the rising panic.

Feeling boxed and suffocated by toxic relationships
(beguiled though she was by them once)
she realised, ever changing dimensions of existing
needed to be tackled with enhanced tools every day.



When we held hands
we believed our destinies were entwined
our paths were the same, so was our destination
our eyes set on our goals.

The dreamer that I am
was entranced by those I met on the way
I wanted to play with the butterflies
and sleep with the fireflies
run on the dew drenched green grass
and dance with the wildflowers
ready to lie low and not rush past time;
the journey and my follies were my guru.

The go-getter you are,
you remained single-minded and focussed;
not given to dawdling
ready to postpone joy
in favour of ambition
oozing confidence, you moved ahead
I fell back; our hands no longer entwined
our paths became different.

Today you stand precariously on the twin peaks
of success and loneliness
surveying all below with suspicion and unease
there is no room for happiness there
and contentment is the price you paid for the top spot.

We have the freedom to choose our destiny
but our choices define us;
my journey, as important as the destination
your destination more important than the journey
two destinies entwined
two hearts estranged.

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Uncharted terrain (OctPoWriMo)

(From Pexel)

Day 5

Prompt: Journey

Form: Prose Poem

How does it feel to have the well-worn, comfortable rug beneath your feet pulled suddenly, unceremoniously and with ferocity! How does one get rid of the grit in the mouth as one falls flat on face! The dappled sunlight that I was enjoying on my well charted path is long gone! The shady trees pruned by the vagaries of time allow the harsh sun to scorch the ground beneath my naked feet. I stumble blinded by the turn of events, meandering into the unmarked path. I look for  solace provided by the ever bountiful words. Sometimes they are the prop I need to stand straight, at other times an escape from the burden that living seems to have become. I fear not the unknown, I am wary and weary but I plod on. Life is for living…this gift I cannot squander.

(I will be posting a poem or maybe two everyday this entire month. I look forward to your support and encouragement, at the same time I understand that reading every blog is not possible! Drop in whenever you can.)

My self or not

I believed I knew myself
every line mapped, every vein marked
the bumps and the dips, all accounted for
burnished and buffed for the world to see
then you came into my life
the “I” you showed me
is so different
I look into the mirror again
and trace the contours of my face
trying to find what you see in me
your fingertips, as they trail over my soul,
reveal facets unknown
your lingering gaze
unravelling all my resolves
your words peep into my future
showing me a different vista
the person I see in the mirror now is not me,
it hurts that I’ve lived with this stranger for so long
as I stare at my likeness dispassionately
I see dark corners deftly disguised
the luminosity is also just reflected glory
I now notice a shoddily tied bundle of fake positivity
the inklings of chaos cleverly concealed
everything shifting and sliding like sand 
a reflection so distorted that I cringe
the one who gazes at me at present
with narrowed eyes from behind the mirror
smiles at my bewilderment and disappears
with a sigh I embark on the journey of self discovery
this time to acknowledge my true self.