Manufactured truth

A few thousand dead bodies
some floating face up, some face down
they were just some putrid flotsam
why did they make everyone darkly frown?

People running helter and skelter
desperate for a few lungsful of oxygen
they were already gasping for fresh air
pollution killed them, don’t be so high-strung!

Hundreds of corpses piling in the crematorium
night air filled with deep sobs and choking miasma
natural causes kill people too
this country is surely not a burning hell!

Phones and emails hacked at will
anyone who questions the state is its enemy
why raise such a stink over such allegations
the state is the big brother, ’tis not blasphemy!

Lies, fabrication and exaggeration
are peddled in the west in the name of news
there were no deaths, no paucity of facilities
the government puts forth its official views

Trash all the reports and all the data
suspend disbelief, disengage your brain
believe WhatsApp messages and all the hoardings
your mind should be like the stagnant water of drain.

95 thoughts on “Manufactured truth

  1. The whole situation is truly
    heartbreaking, Punam.
    Linda and I were travelling
    around your beautiful country
    a couple of years ago. We’ve
    been longing to return ever
    Will things ever be the same?

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  2. You’ve painted such a vivid picture of the situation. Yesterday, I mentioned in a college group that Pegasus worries me more than Kundra. But they kept cracking silly jokes on Shilpa Shetty.

    Content factories churning out social media content and bought TV channels have managed to totally block the truth and enslave minds.

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    1. Reena, I couldn’t sleep the night it was stated that there were no deaths due to lack of oxygen!
      What TV channels say, everyone believes. If they talk of Kundra and not of Pegasus, people assume Pegasus does not affect us!

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      1. Kundra does not affect us either. It is just that we choose the lighter, entertaining option. There are people who’ve said “But dictatorship is good no… it is needed to discipline a country.”

        I only said, “Remember you said this the day you complain of having no options. You asked for it, and the universe answered your prayer.”

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  3. Those 2 months were…something u wish to forget. It was hellish. My parents are doctors and they were getting calls all the time from patients and relatives.
    My dad got covid positive and during the same time my uncle died of covid. The tension and worries were too much. I was so relieved when I could hug my dad again.
    Hopefully things will get better. But people are still so ignorant. Malls are crowded and hill stations are crowded. I just hope everything becomes better.

    Wonderful poem❤

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    1. It was hellish, Ishita! I can totally understand how it must have been at your home. I am so sorry you lost your uncle.
      People don’t learn anything from what has happened. Brace yourself for the third wave. Take care.
      Thanks and hugs. ❤️

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  4. So vivid, tragic, and heartbreaking. Things will never be the same and we just fall into a sick status quo because we’re not doing anything about it—even around the world. It’s upsetting. It’s like we take what we want to believe until it’s so far up our butt, we don’t know what’s even real anymore.

    You write this beautifully and evocatively, Punam. Such great writing, this is powerful.

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  5. your mind should be like the stagnant water of drain. – a line that stands out, can be read a couple ways but ending with the same conclusion. evocative poetry Punam, always the best from you.

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  6. Each line sadly such a true depiction of the harrowing time we went through. Yet we don’t learn lessons Punam. Traffic jams, political rallies, family celebrations and holidays are back with vengeance. The government is screwing up big time and we are watching on helplessly. I don’t think anything will ever change in our country.

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  7. A powerful and emotional piece, dear Punam. Expertly written. I could feel every emotion. Hypocrisy, manipulation, and corruption abound; and the Universe keeps speaking, and people aren’t listening anywhere. Much love to you, my dear friend. ❤️

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  8. read this tragic heartfelt hopelessness minutes after you posted … needed a night to digest it and no idea why … your govt has always been corrupt and greedy yet it is the people who are suffering!

    appreciate you calling it as it is, please send this to your papers for publication? You are a master wordsmith and billions more need to read this …

    My heart is weeping for all of you 😦

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      1. afraid I’ve never taken to Modi, I don’t trust him at any level so I’m guessing many of his party are similar … do pray there is a change there soon!

        Am shocked by the landslides in HP, praying those I know are ok.

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  9. This is such a powerful piece Punam! We are taught never to question authority and accept whatever lies we are pedaled. Your voice is a resounding call to let the truth be heard!

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  10. Oh, dear Punam i can feel a lump in my throat…i can’t believe its happening…tragic and heartbreaking…

    May your voice and the voice of the rest be heard

    Keep safe my friend

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  11. The truth which is distressing. You have touched the depth of what each individual hides inside still ignores and move on. Every book has an attractive title but the inside pains. Moved by your words.
    Thank you for sharing such a powerful piece.

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  12. It’s amazing how you managed to manufacture truth with a very powerful poem! The second wave hit us so bad and we’re already headed to the next. This is worrying, chaotic and tiring. Virus mutates so fast. Sadly, people’s brains don’t.
    We are all falling preys to fake news and political propaganda. The government defends its every action, right or wrong and the opposition cooks up fresh news from somewhere. Has made us all very cynical. Still a long way to go for us. 😕

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