The whirlwind of his words
though expected, always knocks me down
leaving my knees weak and wobbly
scattering my composure like a bundle of straw
the slurry of alcohol and contumelious derision
pours forth contemptuously
from his frothy, sneering mouth
the tar black viscosity of toxicity
crushes me with the ferocity of a ton of bricks
then dribbles down deep into my denuded heart
corroded and misshapen beyond recognition
creating a stygian worthlessness
tongue tied and petrified, I stand rooted
facing the obnoxious aural onslaught
spleen spent, he staggers away
my timorous soul wrings it hands
bemoaning the lack of courage at disposal
but promising resolution in future
which, in truth, eludes with regularity every time.

59 thoughts on “Vitriol

  1. Aww, i don’t want to be in a position where I would need to deal with such a human being… your words are so powerful Punam and you describe it so well that I hated him/her if he/she even exist.. lol

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  2. A horrifying read! People like this are the biggest reason for domestic violence and related deaths in my state. πŸ˜• Love the dark tone of this poem and your brilliant usage of words. You really are a mastermind. Just read a few of your posts and I already admire you a great deal. πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ€

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