Manufactured truth

A few thousand dead bodies
some floating face up, some face down
they were just some putrid flotsam
why did they make everyone darkly frown?

People running helter and skelter
desperate for a few lungsful of oxygen
they were already gasping for fresh air
pollution killed them, don’t be so high-strung!

Hundreds of corpses piling in the crematorium
night air filled with deep sobs and choking miasma
natural causes kill people too
this country is surely not a burning hell!

Phones and emails hacked at will
anyone who questions the state is its enemy
why raise such a stink over such allegations
the state is the big brother, ’tis not blasphemy!

Lies, fabrication and exaggeration
are peddled in the west in the name of news
there were no deaths, no paucity of facilities
the government puts forth its official views

Trash all the reports and all the data
suspend disbelief, disengage your brain
believe WhatsApp messages and all the hoardings
your mind should be like the stagnant water of drain.