These days I am in a state of delirium

The conflicting messages received,

Have rocked my equilibrium.

My phone is flooded with warning  to shun all things made in China

The irony; messages sent and received on phones made in China.

I see no Chinese selling wares in India

Cheap imports are made by traders from India.

If I buy  a balloon at a crossing to help a poor urchin

The balloon she sells is of Chinese marking.

Dusshera brought  about another conflict,

Was Ram really good and perfect?

And was Raavan epitome of all things evil

If I question this do I become advocate of devil?

If you believe whatsapp, Ram should be burnt,

Raavan feted and eulogised and not shunned.

There are messages lauding and applauding all and sundry

And messages which say its all bunkum and not hunkydory.

There are those claiming to love everything Indian and local.

They promote hindi in messages written in English and not vernacular.

On one hand people talk of diversity of our country,

Yet in same breath run down other religions in terms derogatory.

Then there are those who take umbrage at criticism of any sort

But don’t hesitate to heap it on others without a thought.

I tell you truly, my mind is in a state of  flux

How to sift good from bad that is the crux.


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