Ram/ Raavan

I am Ram as well as Raavan,

The tussle in me is eternal.

Most times Ram triumphs,

But Raavan has his days too.

Temptations abound all around

Goodness has no rewards.

Evil has so many attractions,

Being good; deemed boring.

I want to be Ram all the time,

But my flesh is weak and lets me down.

When Raavan awakens in me,

I feel powerful, but ashamed later.

I burn down Raavan inside me every now and then

But since my Ram is not fair,

Raavan oft times rears his heads.

The shortcomings of Ram plague me

The lofty mind of Raavan beguiles me.

This grappling between the two

Embodies choices we are given.

Lets not question Ram or Raavan.

They cannot coexist peacefully together.

One will win, the other lose,

So let there be Dusshera every year.


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