When the world becomes too much for me

I prefer then to be with only me.

No company can be better than your own

To be able to explore own facets unknown.

For that you have to leave your baggage behind

Calm all your senses and have an open mind.

Quieten the voices clamouring to be heard

Listen to the inner silence, be deaf to the world.

Solitude is a wonderful place to be

When you are in touch with only me.

The quietude, the silence, the nothingness around

Is necessary to balance the din all around.

With too many voices and opinions crowding you in

It is better to log out instead of staying plugged in.

Listen to yourself, sing or read

Enjoy your own company to feed your need.

Once you are again in touch with self

Go reconnect with the world and forget yourself.

112 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Punam you have a special skill of putting our feelings into beautiful lines. Many a times have sat alone but with a sense of turmoil. Your poem reassures me . Do pen more of your thoughts.

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  2. I like this and I agree you. The best thing for many of us is to be in the quiet, in the silence, to regain our energy, to think without noise. I think we function better in the world to rebuild, rework, and think clear when others let us be alone sometimes. Great piece 🙂

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  3. The whole piece was beautiful but I love the reminder at the end,

    “Once you are again in touch with self
    Go reconnect with the world and forget yourself”

    As an introvert sometimes I just need to be alone. I need time to think and I don’t do that well with people all around me. But then we do need to go back. Some people get stuck on the being alone part, or everything becomes about them. But connecting with the world around you is just as important as connecting with yourself (even for us introverts).

    I’m not sure that’s how you meant it, but that’s what it meant to me.

    FYI – I invited you to join the 3 day quote challenge. I hope you’ll join me!

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    1. Thank you dear and you are spot on about connecting with the people after some alone ‘me time’. I couldn’t have explained it better.
      I would love to join you in the 3 day quote challenge. Thank you for inviting me.

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  4. If at times instead of going out, we find Solitude and get a dose of refreshment within, the world will be a better place for not one but for all!!
    The truth lies within and can be seen only in solitude!
    Very nice, Beautiful!!!

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  5. “Listen to the inner silence, be deaf to the world.” Its better to log out than plugged in”.. oh how wonderful.. I came back to this to read it once as I wanted to experience solitude very badly today, feeling low. brilliantly written. I want you to have a look on my recent 6word story and let me know if there is anything wrong.

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  6. Oh ur buildup is killing me. I wrote something know planted which is quite normal. But just wanted to know if the sentence is wrong or meaning wrong

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  7. Lovely poem.. I am always afraid to be alone.. but at times u feel alone even your are in huge crowd and all u want is to getlost. I love the whole peace .. but the line which struck me the most
    ‘No company can be better than your own
    To able to explore the facets unknown..’
    Your words do magic 👍👍

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  8. It’s been this way for me for a long time. I love the way you have captured this in such a beautiful way. Advances in technology has taken away much of our alone time because we feel the need to be constantly connected. Disconnecting and spending time by ourselves are very important things to do at regular intervals, or at least when it is required.

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      1. I’ve been like this since my teen years. I guess I’ve only realized in the past decade or so that this is what I’ve been doing all along. Maybe it’s in how we are internally wired. 🙂 Oh, and you are welcome. I love your writing!

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      2. Well, I too have been like this as far as I can remember but the past few years have been different because of the need to be connected all the time. Now I am back to spending time with self.☺️

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      3. I believe we go through phases, like the moon. I am happy to hear you are spending more time with ‘you’ 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for liking the rhyming. I really appreciate that. I too love to rhyme but when I feel lazy, I write free verse.
      I agree solitude is a nice place to be but loneliness can be terrible.

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  9. I loved this piece. Loved the end rhyme, loved the phrasing. I completely agree, sometimes you have to unplug and tune in. Once that’s done, step outside of yourself and check back in with the world at large. ❤

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  10. This is a wonderful poem. So much wisdom. I’m glad you shared it. Was it difficult to write?

    I’ve never quite gotten the knack of quieting my mind, but I think I’ve gotten close. I at least have gotten fairly good at watching what’s going on inside and outside of me.

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    1. Thank you so much Paul.
      No, it was not very difficult to write. The first line was buzzing around my head, so when I sat down to write it kind of just flowed.
      It is hard to quieten the mind. But lately I have been able to do it after sustained efforts. What’s going on inside is easier to process than what goes on outside.


      1. Interesting. I thing it was Tolstoy who said the easiest thing in the world to do is write a poem — until the day it becomes the hardest thing to do.

        That’s a good tip about quieting the mind. Thanks.

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  11. A glorious poem Punam, You wrote this introspective piece so eloquently….. My mind never seems to have any quite, or alone times, My head is a bee-hive of thoughts, and I’m always abuzz….

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    1. Thank you so much Ivor for your generous words. Yes, the din never stops. Sometimes we need to get away from outside noises to hear what is within, ot others we have escape from the inner turmoil …and life goes on…

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      1. Yes, that’s true, maybe these words explain me.
        “Morning birds sing, but do not see
        By day, he looks like a tree
        A lonely Tawny Frog-mouth Owl
        By night you hear wisdom howl”

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      1. My father was a merchant seaman. He made many trips to your country, to Bombay and Calcutta. He would bring home wood carvings that he bought from stores and street merchants. He would also give money to the people that he saw on the street. As a child, we studied your country. I can vividly remember the school book pictures of your nation’s fields where farmers grew their crops. You heritage is very rich; I am glad to know you.

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      2. Aww! What a coincidence. My husband is a merchant seaman and I have been to USA several times either embarking or disembarking.
        The India that you studied about is very different now. There is poverty still, but we are more cosmopolitan now.

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      3. Much of my nation has changed from rural farming, too. Many land owners have sold their fields to residential developers. I love pictures that show things of , “yesteryear.”

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      4. Yesterday always seems much more beautiful. Most nations are changing….not always for good though.
        Nice meeting you here. I think it is beyond your sleep time, so won’t take it further. It was lovely to get to know you.
        Will look forward to more such conversations whenever you have the time. And even if you don’t, it’s fine 🙂
        Good night once again.

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  12. Listen to yourself, sing or read

    Enjoy your own company to feed your need.

    I love love absolutely ADORE these lines

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  13. I have always been a people person. But recently have started realising I can’t get to know them if I don’t know myself first
    This poem was one of the best I’ve read. Loved the theme ❤️

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